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Free download õ The Acid House ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub F the schemes of North Edinburgh and take us into a dark but hilarious world of drugs devi. This is the fucking tops a collection of stories delving into the depravity and disillusionment of post Thatcher Scotland The misfortunes are of a people inherently unprofitable without place in the neo liberal hell scape they are emerging into Their past times are primarily drugs sex and avoiding work If the Tories were to write a book describing what they thought a so called underclass would be like it might turn out something like this but devoid of Welsh s wit and mastery of dialect The short stories range from the realistic to the ridiculous employing a wide albeit largely the same cast of downtrodden drug addicts Madonna blethers with Kylie Minogue about shagging blokes from Leith brains switch bodies and God exercises catharsis However that s not to say the realistic stories don t stand side by side with them drug addled frenzies than compensate on top of a scathing social commentary which leaves no shit unturned In fact the resounding pessimism and dissatisfaction with courses through these stories has persisted until today The plight we face is the same in a way that s a hallmark of all the great writers of Generation X in that they accurately identified the dystopia they lived in novelised it sold it to Hollywood then did fuck all else See Ellis PalahniukBut I don t mean to rant it s not Welsh s fault in fact he sums up a political thesis of sorts in the short story Smart Cunt I m thinking what can I do really do for the emancipation of working people in this country shat on by the rich tied into political inaction The answer is a resounding fuck all I think I ll stick to drugs to get me through the long dark night of late capitalism That s then what the book is a long stare in a mirror then doing a line off it I rate it ten out of ten

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Free download õ The Acid House ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ant sex and football hooliganism fired by Welsh's passion and fierce steaming rock and rol. I was disappointed when I cracked this open to find that it was a collection of short stories I did not realise this at the time I put this on my wishlist I m not a massive fan of short stories They tend to be dull and have this unfinishedness about them I read them all anyways and while some were better than others The Granton Star Cause most of them were not that interesting Also really disliked Disnae Matter because this included one of my biggest pet hates when people say Disneyland when they mean Disney World This winds me up massivelyBig Disney fan And none of that story had any ring of truth to it There is alot of Scottish dialect here which can be hard to read but is amazing to try and read out loud in my terrible Scottish accentwhich tends to drift into Scouse and Welsh But if you ve read Trainspotting you will be prepared for this I wouldn t read this again but if you liked Trainspotting don t mind short stories and have a fondness for the word cunt Then you might like this

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Free download õ The Acid House ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Made up of three of Welsh's most powerful stories all come from the rough tough badlands o. I m pretty sure the novella A Smart Cunt was in here Though I have zero recollection of it now at the time I read that I thought it was brilliant and because I was bored on vacation in London with nothing better to do I wrote what I believe was the only fan letter to an author I ve ever sent telling him this And he wrote me back In my letter I d asked him if he actually listened to techno music since all his characters did and it was inconceivable to me at the time I was 18 that anyone especially a writer who d written something I liked would do this later on in that trip I realized that nearly everyone on that side of the Atlantic listened to techno music and that in fact they PLAYED IT on the RADIO Welsh replied in a letter postmarked from Hawaii that he did indeed listen to techno music He also answered whatever other stupid uestions I asked him which I don t remember now Somewhat disappointingly his letter was not written in an incomprehensible Scottish dialect and in fact was easy to readAnyway I remember really being crazy about A Smart Cunt and the rest of this not being much to write home about but having its moments I think it s at the beginning of the first story where the guy goes to some other country or something and another guy from that other place is flipping him shit about being an imperialist and the guy s like I M from SCOTLAND we re STILL COLONIZED leave me ALONE jerkface For some reason that always kind of stuck with me