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READ Along the Broken Bay FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Along the Broken Bay Flora J. Solomon å 0 FREE DOWNLOAD Apture or worseDesperate for money medicine and guns the resistance recruits Gina to join their underground army and smuggles her back to Manila There she forges a new identity and opens a nightclub where seductive beauties sing dance and tease secrets out of high ranking Japanese officers while the wildly successful club and its enemy patrons help fund the resistance. Overall this was a good book I enjoyed most of it However I deduct one star for good reason It was clear to me and later confirmed the author has never been to the Philippines She can get away with that for many but I knew and it caused me to stand back a little instead of becoming utterly immersed in the setting She did fake it uite well though It was a shame because the book was meticulously researched and really did justice to those terrible times Even a few weeks in Luzon would have helped enormously into getting to the essential heart of Filipinos and their culture instead of attempting to replicate parts in this novel by way of distance learning The faking also occurred with some of her characters as I could not uite connect with some of them Some were simply too shallow They felt like outline sketches at times when I yearned for flesh color and zipThe same can be said for the plot as good as it was It plodded too many times perhaps understandable because there are only so many ways to write a scene in a nightclub where you fear for your life because you are a spy surrounded by a fearsome and loathsome enemy But you know what The author pulled off a difficult job I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in WW2 historical fiction PS shall I let you into a secret I m a grown man and I cried at the end of this book

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Along the Broken Bay

READ Along the Broken Bay FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Along the Broken Bay Flora J. Solomon å 0 FREE DOWNLOAD But operating undercover in the spotlight has Gina struggling to stay a step ahead of the Japanese She’s risked everything to take a stand but her club is a house of cards in the eye of a storm Can Gina keep this delicate operation running long enough to outlast the enemy or is she on a sure path to defeat that will put her family her freedom or even her life at ris. Finished reading July 19th 2019 Manila s magic was gone replaced by an undercurrent of fear potent enough to be sensed by an observer A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoilerI have always had a weak spot for historical fiction and especially if the story is set during WWI or WWII I admit I was sold as soon as I read the blurb of Along The Broken Bay as you don t often see a WWII fiction setting in the Philippines and Gina s story of working in the resistance sounded absolutely fascinating I was looking forward to fully emerge myself in what I thought would be a new favorite story but sadly fate had a different reaction for me in store Because while I still think that the premise of this story is fascinating unfortunately I can t say I enjoyed the execution all that much I ll try to explain below whyFirst of all I have to state that the description of the Manila and Zambales mountains settings is thorough and gives us insight in the local flora and fauna It made the Philippines come alive and gives this WWII fiction read an exotic vibe I can t say I was too happy with how the local population was described though nor how the main characters interacted with them The demeaning way the locals their culture and how they interacted was described left me with a very bad taste in my mouth and for me it crossed the line of racial discrimination I think that the fact that rich Americans and Europeans living in Manila might have seen the locals in that way back in the 1940s is no excuse to degrade certain characters in such way Likewise I found Gina to be too much of a typical rich white woman with prejudices cliche her constant whining and complaining about the precarious situations she suddenly finds herself in not only distracting but also highly highly annoying I really couldn t stand her character and as the story was basically build around Gina it was really hard to convince myself to stay invested in the story In fact I had such a strong averse reaction to her that I confess that I probably wouldn t have made it to the final page if this wouldn t have been an ARCThe pace in Along The Broken Bay is uite slow as well and combined with my repulsion for the main character and the way the story treated the local population I ended up struggling considerably to reach the final page I still think the premise on its own is intriguing and it was interesting to learn about how the resistance operated and their network in general The nightclub was also an interesting twist the dangers of the operation adding a hint of suspense to the story The little chapter introductions featuring the thoughts of Gina s husband Ray while he is separated from his family were likewise a nice touch And while Along The Broken Bay clearly wasn t my cup of tea despite my love for the genre I ve also seen that most people seem to have a very positive reaction to this story so definitely don t give up yet if you are intrigued by the premise hide spoiler

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READ Along the Broken Bay FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Along the Broken Bay Flora J. Solomon å 0 FREE DOWNLOAD From the bestselling author of A Pledge of Silence comes a story of resistance intrigue and risking it all in the WWII Philippines December 1941 War has erupted in the Pacific spelling danger for Gina Capelli Thorpe an American expat living in Manila When the Japanese invade and her husband goes missing Gina flees with her daughter to the Zambales Mountains to avoid c. Colonialist claptrap I couldn t finish this book because of the paternalistic and problematic view of the Philippines The characters are written with the assumption that they are white odd for a book that takes place in the Philippines Don t worry about being able to tell the Filipino characters apart from the white characters though because they re all caricatures with dark skin and black hair who speak in broken English and are mocked for continuing to follow some of the indigenous traditions that colonizers failed to wipe outHere is an excerpt from Pacita Pestano Jacinto s diary Living With the Enemy which she kept during the Japanese occupation Notice how a Filipina describes her countrymenConcentration of enemy civilians has been going onMy houseboy was delirious Hang them the traitors he shouted over the fence He stopped to pick up a stone but I stopped him You are not to meddle I told him sharply You must leave it to the Americans whatever must be done Ay naku Those Americans They are too kind They do not know An enemy must be to the end an enemyNow contrast this with Solomon s portrayal of a houseboyGina s maroon LaSalle roadster gleamed but Miguel the houseboy continued to polish it He babied the car like it was his own Her all gassed up You want the top down Solomon portrays Filipino domestic workers in a stereotypical way and has them speaking in broken English whereas Pestano Jacinto s diary affords them the dignity they deserve and also accurately reflects Filipino English

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