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  • 25 May 2019
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READ Ô And The Stars Fell Silent The United States Skyler’s father Tristan Whitfield was put on a team to oversee the dome going up in their home city Seattle Washington Once the domes went up key cards were handed out to people who were deemed useful enough to live inside of the dome Chaos rang out when citizens began to panic about their future Skyler thought everything would be okay once the dome doors closed but that wasn’t the caseWith the dome doors closed no one inside is safe Murder victims are popping up all over the dome Along with an unknown killer on. Trinity Roberts 2015 novel And the Stars Fell Silent is a dystopian novel set in 2040 In the novel an 18 year old girl named Skyler and her boyfriend must face living in a world where the sun has burned out To prepare for the sun s burning out which was predicted by scientists within the novel two years earlier the United States has been divided into five different domes Skyler is forced to adapt to life in a dome based in the state of Washington Since there are only five domes people from multiple states must make their way over to where the domes are based and then people are given tests to determine if they are eligible to live in the dome or not The novel was a uick read and comes across as a classified young adult novel then as a dystopian novel The only characteristics that make it dystopian are the setting of 2040 and the idea of living with the sun burnt out as realistically this won t occur for many hundreds of years down the line Certain plot points aren t necessary to the story as well such as a few times when it s mentioned Skyler and her boyfriend make love in between them dealing with all the drama and changes that occur to their world while they are living under the dome This tells us nothing about the world they live in and adds nothing to the main focus of the story and it can only be seen as filler materialThe novel features a lot of characters mentioned and it can be hard to keep track of who s who especially when we are able to get the inner thoughts of than one character rather than the author focusing only on Skyler s ideas and feelings In fact in three chapters we hear the thoughts of a worried father who is forced to live outside the dome with his six year old daughter Considering neither of these two characters interact with any of our main characters it is curious why they are included at all Not only do parts of the story itself and the characters dissatisfy there are also grammatical errors that can be painful to read uotation marks are forgotten from time to time and commas are either misused or forgotten For example during a mob scene a character yells out You shot my friend bitch A man s voice said angrily Roberts 27 There should be a comma after friend Having to get past grammar mistakes made reading the book appear messy and that it was hastily put together without being looked over before publishing So because of the novel s lack of dystopian uality when it promises to be dystopian on the back the addition of various unnecessary characters and having the minimalist if any at all of the novel edited I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would It s supposed to be the first in a trilogy so perhaps it gets better in time

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READ Ô And The Stars Fell Silent It’s the year 2040 and 18 year old Skyler Whitfield has had the perfect life A successful father a loving boyfriend and wonderful friends She had her future all planned out She would go to Princeton like her father marry her boyfriend Kellan and have four happy children All her plans came to a halt the day of The Big AnnouncementPresident Lancaster announced that the sun was going to burn out Scientists and engineers worked together to build bio domes all over the world to house as many people as possible five domes were built around. Give me a good dirty fast paced post apocalyptic book any day But this one was great The imagination this author has is astounding The suspense was perfect With the dystopian novel boom it is hard to find one that is as truly as uniue as this one And it is Ms Roberts debut Wow Can t wait for from her Great depth and interesting characters to boot The author makes you feel the emotion and pain that is happening throughout Wonderfully written Hauntingly grippingYou need to read this and you better make sure you have a couple hours to finish it because you won t be able to stop until it is finished Krissy 4 stars

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READ Ô And The Stars Fell Silent The loose people are getting sick A mystery virus is causing people to bleed from their eyes ears nose and mouth and it’s spreading uickly When Skyler discovers something frightening in Tristan’s office she has to act fast Both the origin and the cure to the virus are going to change her life foreverAnd The Stars Fell Silent is a dystopian novel that sets itself apart from the rest You will experience a new dystopian world from the beginning This haunting tale of love loss betrayal and murder will haunt you long after you finish it. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review And The Stars Fell Silent was a uniue and brilliant debut for Trinity Roberts The story takes place way into the future We follow Skylar and her perfect life Everything changes after the announcement After that day life on Earth will never be the sameWhat a great read I couldn t put it down I had to know what was coming next A great mix of characters Some to love and some to definitely hate The author did a great job of creating this future world As I was reading I was able to travel to this future world I really enjoyed this book I really hope the author plans to write a second book If you like reading sci fi then you will enjoy this book I give it 5 stars