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Anton (Savannah Passion #2)

characters Anton (Savannah Passion #2) ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Aire Nadia’s uncertain if he’s after her heart or the story Anton Astley Jr is busy with the family’s New York operations But when he learns about his uncle’s intent to reveal family secrets in an autobiography he returns to his hometown determined to stop him What he isn’t ready for is the dark beauty he perceives as his enemy His decision to charm her into not writing th Enemies to lovers slow and natural progressionNadia and Anton have a twisted path to finding each other While Anton has animosity towards Nadia before meeting her this is based on his perception as to her true intentions Nadia has no awareness of Anton s and Valencia s distrust of her until she has met themAnton and Nadia have a relationship that blossoms very organically and his attraction to Nadia develops before he has concluded a previous relationship This alone causes Nadia to distrust Anton even Once Anton handles his previous business and Nadia gives him an opportunity to explain himself they forge a path to their everlasting love

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characters Anton (Savannah Passion #2) ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free A BWWM RomanceThe reserved Nadia Doss has been hired to ghostwrite the autobiography of eclectic billionaire William Stuart Astley But when she arrives in the sweet city of Savannah one chance encounter with the billionaire’s obstinate nephew proves that it won’t be easy Determined to stand her ground she finds herself in a uandary when she shares a kiss with the engaged billion Loved the Time LineI loved how everything didn t happen over night How they took their time getting to know each other Gives a better thought that it may lasteven though it s fiction Great story

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characters Anton (Savannah Passion #2) ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free E autobiography backfires on him when he finds himself falling for Nadia Neither Nadia nor Anton are looking for love but with the secrets of the past hanging between them these two headstrong individuals can’t resist the lure of their enigmatic attraction to one another When she learns about his fiancée Nadia flees and Anton must find Nadia and convince her she’s the one for h Surprise it s me You will understand what I mean when you read this book Nadia is doing an autobiography on one the leaders of the elite in Savannah she encounters a man whom she calls for in ways than one They learn about one another during her interview with his Uncle which the story is about Lots of steamy sexy romance and few secrets too Recommend with a 5 Stars rating