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Evening Is the Whole Day

free download Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Preeta Samarasan Preeta Samarasan ê 3 review review Evening Is the Whole Day Set in Malaysia this spellbinding and already internationally acclaimed debut introduces us to the prosperous Rajasekharan family as its closely guarded secrets are slowly peeled awayWhen Chellam the family’s rubber plantation bred servant girl is dismissed for unnamed crimes her banishment is the latest in a series of recent precipitous losses that have shaken six year old Aasha’s life A few short weeks before Aasha’s grandmother Paati passed away under mysterious circumstances and her older sister Uma departed for Columbia University leaving Aasha alone to cope with her mostly absent father her bitter. 45 starsThe second law of thermodynamics is only true on average only true on the immense statistical scale of beings made of billions of atoms Life seems to violate it all the time via for instance the miracle by which plants release oxygen or the wherewithal of those women mostly who wash dishes rake leaves stack dried and folded towels neatly back in the cupboard Of course you get tired doing it so the law is really intact If time flows in the direction of spill and shatter it flows in the direction of fatigue with eual certaintyPreeta Samarasan has chosen to tell this story against the gradient from spill and shatter and exhaustion back to hope and harmony and wholeness The result is totally devastating which shows me something about my relationship with time I can tolerate the knowledge of past trauma better than of sad and certain prophecy I am capable of living for the future My culture is like this our concept of history is a line leading somewhere Thus we can tell those traumatised in their lives or histories to get over it to move on because the arrow of time points out of whatever devastation we shrug off our responsibilities with weasel words and crocodile tears towards glory So I applaud this novel and its author for challenging me to think against my grainAt the beginning end it seemed I d fallen in with a dismal crowd of unpleasant selfish people with hardly any attractive ualities As the past unfolds though the narrative tenderly takes the part of each one of them revealing the reasons behind every unkind cast of speech and thought affording each soul the tragic sympathy Shakespeare gives Macbeth though not his wife By the time I reached the end beginning I d forgiven all the characters I d hated and come to love those I d liked from the start all the The backdrop of Malaysia is evoked in its natural lushness and stained with multiple undercurrants of racial tension The uprisings after the election are an appropriately jarring intrusion into the otherwise lazily unspooling narrative but the conditions that produce these events are painted and played out in the daily drama of the street and even the household Samarasan deals with race and class relations delicately through the framing of romantic relationships personal grooming religious practices and beliefs and food in all its aspects Aasha s friend the half white ghost bears witness to a destructive colonial legacy Her view from the pond is only one of this deceptively simple tale s many submarine shadowy silk spun depthsMy favourite character is the sane empathic witness Uncle Ballroom who tells us Attention is a perfectly valid thing to seek Words of wisdom

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free download Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Preeta Samarasan Preeta Samarasan ê 3 review review Evening Is the Whole Day Mother and her imperturbable older brotherBeginning with Aasha’s grandfather’s ascension from Indian coolie to illustrious resident of the Big House on Kingfisher Lane and going on to tell the story of how Appa the family’s Oxford educated patriarch courted Amma the humble girl next door Evening Is the Whole Day moves gracefully backward and forward in time to answer the many uestions that haunt the family What was Chellam’s unforgivable crime Why was Uma so intent on leaving How and why did Paati die What did Aasha see And underscoring all of these mysteries What ultimately became of Appa’s once g. This is a fascinating tale which takes place in the Big House of an idealistic hot shot lawyer The setting is in Malaysia at about the time she gained independence from the British in 1957 The story has many layers which unfolds in a non chronological manner There are many uestions begging to be answered like what made a doting elder sister suddenly turn cold and indifferent to her 4 year old sibling What crime did the servant girl Chellam commit to cause her to be dismissed under a cloud of shame and disgrace What did the previously beloved wayward Uncle Ballroom do to cause him to no longer be welcome in the Big House What caused the previously close relationship between a father and daughter to disintegrate into a situation where they can no longer look each other in the eyeMore importantly who is Preeta Samarasan and why have I never heard of this writer before The over arcing theme of this book is change change in individuals familial relationships fortunes and ideals Mistakes are made hopes are dashed and one watches these changes like an inevitable slowly unfurling train wreck Against the backdrop of the disintegration of this family is the disintegration of the founding ideals of the nation itself The initial hopes of an independent new state comprising disparate ethnic groups working hand in hand towards a bright promising future only to let brooding suspicions envy jealousy greed and avarice of the political classes creep in and slowly wreak their insidious effects culminating in the race riots of 1969 which tore the young nation apart never to be the same again For as much as the author unveils the family s sad story in tantalising prose filled here and there with dark humour stinging observations and collouialisms one gets the idea that she is really writing about the tragic stillbirth of an entire nation Final rating 45 minus half a star as some of the collouial dialogue comes across a bit stiltedNB If you have not read and decide to pick up this book you might find things a bit confusing sometimes due to its non chronological structure My advice is not to worry about it you didn t miss anything just read on All the missing parts will be filled in in due course Also collouial and native terms are used liberally throughout the book If you need help understanding the meaning or context of certain words or sentences feel free to message me I would be glad to help in any way I can

free download Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Preeta Samarasan

free download Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Preeta Samarasan Preeta Samarasan ê 3 review review Evening Is the Whole Day Rand dreams for his family and his country Sweeping in scope sumptuously lyrical and masterfully constructed Evening Is the Whole Day offers an unflinching look at relationships between parents and children brothers and sisters the wealthy and the poor a country and its citizens and the ways in which each sometimes fails the other Illuminating in heartbreaking detail one Indian immigrant family’s secrets and lies while exposing the complex underbelly of Malaysia itself Preeta Samarasan’s debut is a mesmerizing and vital achievement sure to earn her a place alongside Arundhati Roy Kiran Desai and Zadie Smi. The story is set in Ipoh in Malaysia and it follows the domestic drama that unfolds in the family of Lawyer Rajasekharan who live in the Big House located on Kingfisher LaneThe lawyer lives with his wife Vasanthihis mother children UmaSuresh and Asha and a maid Chellam who is the same age as UmaThe story begins a week after Uma has left to the US and the family is in the process of kicking Chellam out of the houseAnd thus begins the narrative that goes backwards to tell the reader what happened within the four wall of the big house that leads to the Exodus of ChellamPreeta s Samarasan prose is descriptive and beautiful The narrative is intimate and after the first few pages we are part and parcel of the Rajasekharan family This is essentially a story about family and the mean little games the members play with one another because I think most of us know that poisonous feelings in a family generally don t disappear overnightThey may be camouflaged with flatteryunexpected good deeds and false words of kindness with an inner urgency not tospoil family functionsBut these poisonous unspoken vibes sit uietly in a corner like a tiny snake feeding on every unkind word action and jealousy where it grows and grows into a huge serpent unable to lie uietly in the corner which strikes and brings down victims usually the innocent ones who don t know how the game is played Preeta Samarasan has done justice to all the characters and you can feel Pati s shrewdness Vasanthi s helplessness and Uma s disappointment and angerAll embittered women as correctly declared by AshaOh but Asha s yearning for love and a mother replacement is the saddest because she actually suffers for no fault of hers and she has no route to escape like UmaThe way Preeta has discussed the Malaysian riots in 1969 and integrated it with the story is exceptional and she brings out the cultural disparities and differences in Malaysia a country that is a pot of different ethnicities blended together in striking fashionDon t miss this if you love good writing a domestic drama and a story set in Malaysia

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  • 02 November 2018
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