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free read Blake et Mortimer, tome 14 : La Machination Voronov Yves Sente æ 8 free download free download õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ Yves Sente Xième éuipe d'auteurs avec André Juillard au dessin s'est vu confier la délicate mission de prolonger l'oeuvre de Jacobs Mission accomplie  savant cocktail d'action d'aventure et d'espionnage La Machination Voronov est fidèle à l'original Et le lecteur averti s'amusera des nombreux clins d'oeil à l'univers de la bd belge Gilbert Jacues Act 3 or the second part of the book is really boring with a lot of exposition bubbles

free download õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ Yves SenteBlake et Mortimer, tome 14 : La Machination Voronov

free read Blake et Mortimer, tome 14 : La Machination Voronov Yves Sente æ 8 free download free download õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ Yves Sente En cette année 1957 les services secrets de Sa Gracieuse Majesté sont sur le point de perdre leur flegme tout britanniue La raison  Un de leurs agents installé de l'autre côté du rideau de fer leur apprend ue l'occident est sous la menace d'un grave danger venu d'URSS  une mystérieuse bactérie Z ramenée de l'espace par une fusée so Like the previous Blake and Mortimer The Francis Blake Affair this has none of the pulp sci fi found in other Blake and Mortimer books However it s an excellent cold war era spy tale A soviet rocket test goes awry and the rocket crashes back to earth carrying a deadly bacteria from space a bacteria that may be used as a biological weapon against the West That s as sci fi as it gets The rest is a densely packed tale of spies and counter spies as Captain Blake heads undercover to retrieve a sample of the bacteria and rescue a captured agent It feels like a two parter condensed into one part Which is not to say that the story feels rushed or contrived in any way It s just that there s a lot that happens here and not a moment is wasted Nor is the narrative ever dependent on the Giant Wall of Exposition that is often a weak spot in Blake and Mortimer The pacing is excellent and the book is very hard to put down once you ve begun It s easy to imagine this same plot being used as the basis for a James Bond adventure with very little change to the narrative Probably a few beefed up action seuences would be necessary There are a few interesting easter eggs in the story as well A restaurant in Moscow is a duplicate of one seen in Herg s King Ottokar s Sceptre Action peaks at a Liverpool parish fair where two well known Liverpudlians are about to meet for the first time Also the driver of a Liverbook police car who takes some rather creative short cuts is referred to as Stirling Oh yeah there s a car chase or three I m certain there are easter eggs for those willing to search

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free read Blake et Mortimer, tome 14 : La Machination Voronov Yves Sente æ 8 free download free download õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ Yves Sente Viétiue Et voilà Blake et son vieux compère Mortimer en route pour Moscou La bactérie Z et ceux ui la manipulent n'ont u'à bien se tenir Les personnages imaginés par Edgar P Jacobs reprennent du service En 1996 le dessinateur Ted Benoit et le scénariste Jean Van Hamme les ressuscitaient avec L'Affaire Francis Blake Cette fois une deu International action men and noted moustache connoisseurs Captain Francis Blake and Professor Philip Mortimer are tackling nefarious intrigue once again in The Voronov Plot the eighth of the Blake Mortimer adventures to be translated into English although technically the fourteenth book chronologically Blake and Mortimer were created by Edgar P Jacobs and the dynamic duo originally debuted in Herge s Tintin Magazine before graduating on to their own twelve book series Following Jacobs death in 1987 two new authorartist teams were tasked with reviving the Blake Mortimer series while Jean Van Hamme and Ted Benoit were working on The Strange Encounter Yves Sente and Andre Juillard published The Voronov PlotOpening in 1957 an estimation based on Professor Mortimer s obliue reference to the Treaty of Roma on page 10 The Voronov Plot is set in a period dominated by the Space Race While the rest of the world waits with baited breath as a precursor to Sputnik the Soviets launch an experimental rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome The launch appears to have gone well but just minutes after take off the rocket encounters a shower of meteorites and heavily damaged after the collision crashes back down to Earth General Ufa the military overseer of the rocket project dispatches soldiers to recover the remains of the rocket but it uickly becomes clear that than just rocket debris has been returned to Earth All of those sent to recover the rocket soon die of severe internal haemorrhages causing Professor Ilyushin the scientist who designed the rocket to speculate that it must have picked up some kind of deadly intergalactic bacteria during its brief time in spaceThe Kremlin orders that samples of the bacteria be sent to KGB scientist and staunch admirer of Stalin Doctor Voronov for analysis However Voronov has ideas of his own about how the bacteria should be used and aided by the dastardly Colonel Olrik he plans to turn the bacteria into a biological weapon that can be used against the West After the plot is uncovered by an English spy Captain Francis Blake head of MI5 and his scientist pal Professor Mortimer travel to the Soviet Union to try and stop VoronovBarring the occasional translation oddity Sente and Juillard s The Voronov Plot remains true in both tone and style to the earlier Blake Mortimer adventures crafted by Edgar P Jacobs himself One of the major fan criticisms of Jean Van Hamme s storyline for The Francis Blake Affair was that it lacked Jacobs signature science fiction plot elements but with his storyline for The Voronov Plot Yves Sente has got the balance between espionage thriller and science fiction exactly right The use of intergalactic bacteria in an otherwise fairly straightforward spy story is just the kind of thing that Jacobs would do Additionally although he makes use of a bit variation in light Juillard s art is a neat fit with that of the earlier books and is just as detailed nostalgic and thoughtful as fans of Blake Mortimer have come to expectWhile similar in style to Herge s Tintin books the Blake Mortimer books have always taken themselves a bit seriously involving as they do far less humour and far detailed explanation and speech and The Voronov Plot is no exception The central plot is highly politicised and there is a great deal of complex intrigue and dubious double crossing to be followed However despite these complexities The Voronov Plot still manages to speed along at a cracking pace and is at heart a rip roaring 1950s pulp adventure

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