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  • A Voyage Round John Mortimer
  • Valerie Grove
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  • 22 June 2019
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Free download A Voyage Round John Mortimer ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook His screenplay for Brideshead Revisited have rewarded readers and viewers with insight and humor Now for the first time biographer Valerie Grove has been given full access to Mortimer A Voyage Round John Mortimer traces Mortimeras legal and literary career from his first attempts at writing novels and plays and the early help he offered his barrister father through his great triumphs in court to the. An excellent biography I now have many books to read including the novels of Penelope Mortimer

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Free download A Voyage Round John Mortimer ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The tremendously dishy life of one of the most admired and lively literary figures today Novelist playwright and barrister Sir John Mortimer has led an extraordinarily rich and daring life privately and professionally much of it in the public eye His own writings from the play A Voyage Round My Father to his wildly popular books in the Rumpole series to his three acclaimed volumes of autobiography and. Disappointing most intriguing subject but was unable to feel a closer understanding Structure was a somewhat random with over detail in some places and under detail in others Really just a list of his works and the people he knew

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Free download A Voyage Round John Mortimer ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Creation of Horace Rumpole one of the most popular characters in contemporary fiction and television Mortimeras personal lifeaincluding his marriages to Penelope Mortimer and to Penny II and his many affairsais as colorful as any fiction heas written Correcting the many errors and half truths found in a previous biography by Graham Lord Valerie Groveas book is essential reading for Mortimeras many fan. This book was in the bargain bin of my local independent book store I m not a particular fan of John Mortimer s work although I enjoyed Voyage Around My Father but Mortimer s place in the literary and legal arc of the mid twentieth century is a fascinating place to be to say nothing of his unorthodox family lifeI actually didn t read this book from beginning to end I read it from middle to middle starting from when Wendy Craig mainly known to me as the star of the British sit com Butterflies had a child by John Mortimer in the early sixties after she appeared in one of his plays I read to the end then started from the beginning and read to the middle againThis is another illustration of how the life of anyone well known in British culture overlaps with the lives of everybody else well known in British culture I suppose it s even true in Canada where the population of the famous and celebrated is that much smaller Being a lawyer and writer of plays books screenplays and such to say nothing of being related to writers and actors his first wife Penelope Mortimer wrote The Pumpkin Eater among other works and his daughter Emily by second wife also named Penelope is a well known actress John Mortimer seems to have crossed paths with any British politician judge writer or actor you can nameFor an authorized biography this book certainly pulls no punches It s hardly a rosy eyed view of Mortimer s life and loves probably largely due to the frankness of first wife Penelope s Mortimer s diaries and books which were heavily used as sources by the author who I understand is a friend