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Read & Download Í Control AUTHOR Cordelia Kingsbridge 109 characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Cordelia Kingsbridge When Control agent Joauin Castillo finds himself unintentionally bound to a brainwashed se 35 StrasIf there would have been a seuel to this my rating would be higher That wasn t enough for me I know it was 500 pages but you know I need my dose of some romance but this one couldn t satisfy me on that department I liked Misha and Joauin s relationship but at some point it frustrated me because of that collar If the collar has been removed a bit sooner it would be fantastic But the writing was good and that made me read it till the end and another good thing was it s not heavy on science Yes I didn t understand some parts but it was on me not the book Told in single POV 3rd person It s a standalone novel a bit angsty and slow burn Overall despite the issues I liked it and hope you enjoy it as well

characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Cordelia Kingsbridge

Control AUTHOR Cordelia Kingsbridge

Read & Download Í Control AUTHOR Cordelia Kingsbridge 109 characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Cordelia Kingsbridge X slave he vows to restore the boy's memories and set him free Then he discovers the boy's This was me after finishing Control I ve read the second half oft the book in one sitting I had a severe headache but I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWNA heartfelt THANK YOU goes to this talented author who turned a near DNF into a 5 read for me and to my friend Ralu who convinced me to keep reading in the first place Oh boy I was so glad I listened to her It is no secret that books about slavery and BDSM are not my first choice Of course I have read the blurb and knew what I was getting into but I just had to read it because I recently finished another book by this author which is now an absolute favorite read for me I love her writing style and could not get enough so I delved right into Control and was disappointed Even though I felt kind of an insta love for Joauin and the beginning of this book was thrilling enough as soon as it came to this slave thing I was about to give up because I did not like it My friend was right though and things turned out completely different than expectedWhen Joauin Castillo who works for a secret government agency by the name of Control in order to shut down Black Dawn an organization responsible for the majority of human trafficking in his country rescues a sex slave he does not know what he is getting into Misha as he names him is not a normal sex slave He wears a collar which is connected to his brain and a corresponding pendant gives his master absolute control over him After killing the man who is holding Misha captive Joauin is reuired to take this pendant to save Misha s life At first Misha was only a shell a slave craving for sex and conditioned to feel pain when his need is not fulfilled Joauin is forced to accomplish this task and I loved this whole Dom against his will thing At first I wanted to suggest he should read a manual something like How to act like a Dom in ten steps or so but later on I came to know that he has indeed experience as a Dom and his reactions were just due to the fact that it goes strictly against Joauin s ethics not only to have sex with but to dominate a man whose consent is than uestionable This speaks so much for his personality I also loved how Joauin takes care of Misha his protective streak is in overdrive when it comes to defend Misha against his own employer who wants nothing than to explore the unprecedented technology and to use him to shut Black Dawn down for good by all available means Removing the collar without killing Misha is not an option but there is a method to regain control over Misha s brain which proves to be successful and it reveals Misha s personality gradually Damn this man made me shudder Sometimes in a good and other times in a not so good way I don t want to give away too much about who or better what he really is so let s just say Joauin as a member of a task force is an altar boy compared to himIn order to find out what is really behind the human trafficking organization and to protect the world against another war Joauin and Misha are forced to operate or less single handedly since there is a mole in Joauin s organization who endangers everything Like I said the second half of the book had me constantly on the edge of my seat with both men being on the run and the revelation of Misha s identity It s a real shame that the author removed her free stories from the internet because Control just like Close Protection is no longer available An author who is able to make me love a story which topic is not really for me has skills I can tell you

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Read & Download Í Control AUTHOR Cordelia Kingsbridge 109 characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Cordelia Kingsbridge True identity and everything goes straight to hell Free Status Complete word count 167155 It wasalright For the 48% that this book managed to hold my attention And then from then on everything was just of the same Misha being horny Joauin rejecting his advances the Control trying to find out who Misha really was I mean it was good at first but once the novelty wore off it got kinda repetitive and boring So I m dropping this at 50% after some skimming From what I managed to glanced from what I skimmed the storyline seemed to be predictable as wellSo yeah nothing special about this one I wasn t impressed but then again I didn t go into it expecting to be wowed out of my ass So there s that I guess Blog Tadaaaah I have a blog Youtube And a youtube channel IG and an IG account Ain t I just a cockroach

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