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FREE DOWNLOAD Men in White Suits DOWNLOAD µ Men in White Suits In Men in White Suits Simon Hughes meets some of the most colourful characters to have played for Liverpool Football Club during the 1990s The resulting interviews set against the historical backdrop of both the club and the city deliver a rich portrait of life at Anfield during a decade when on field frustrations were symptomatic of off the field mismanagement and ill discipline After the shock resignation of Dalglish and Graeme Souness's ill fate. I really started to take an interest in football around Euro 96 Prior to the tournament Liverpool faced Manchester United in the FA Cup Final with their white suits and spice boy image I had a bit of a soft spot for themThis book was a great nostalgic read whilst also taking a brutally honest look at a team that dominated the decade prior being a shadow of it s former self

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FREE DOWNLOAD Men in White Suits DOWNLOAD µ Men in White Suits Ite Armani suits their confident personalities were exemplified in their pre match walk around Wembley before the 1996 FA Cup final a 1 0 defeat to Manchester UnitedIn stark contrast to the media coached on message interviews given by today’s top stars the blunt ribald and sometimes cutting recollections of the footballers featured in Men in White Suits provide a rare insight into this fascinating era in Liverpool’s long and illustrious history. Brilliant

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FREE DOWNLOAD Men in White Suits DOWNLOAD µ Men in White Suits D reign the Reds – under the stewardship of Roy Evans – displayed a breathtaking style led by a supremely talented young group of British players whose names featured as regularly on the front pages of the tabloids as they did on the back The Daily Mail was the first newspaper to tag Evans’s team as the Spice Boys Yet despite their flaws this was a rare group of individuals mavericks playboys goal scorers and luckless defenders Wearing off wh. I grew up supporting Liverpool FC and do to this day I remember the highs of the eighties and the lows of the nineties This candid and frank collection of interviews with both players and managers delves into the reasons behind Liverpools gradual decline in English football in the nineties Its a turthful behind the scenes diagnosis and autopsy on a Liverpool side who failed to be the dominant force that they were in the Eighties From player ego s mis managment and an unwillingness to modernise this bares it all and is well worth a read if you have read the first insalment The Red Machine There is also a third book entitled Ring of Fire which i shall also be reading A very good read and pute to bed some of the myths associated with The Spice Boys

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