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REVIEW The Return of the King J.R.R. Tolkien Ì 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì J.R.R. Tolkien The Orcs And all the time the armies of the Dark Lord are massing JRR Tolkien's great work of imaginative fiction has been labeled both a heroic romance and a classic fantasy fiction By turns comic and homely epic and diabolic the narrative moves through countless changes of scene and character in an imaginary world which is totally convincing in its detai. I was living with my uncle 20 years ago and he is a vast reader in many genres I was looking for something new to read when he told me to read this series He had these beautiful hardback books with fold out maps I had heard of the hobbit and saw the cartoon as a kid I thought it was an okay movie but it didn t really impress me He convinced me that I needed to read this So I started with the hobbit and read one book after the other until I was done with this book I remember being awed by this series I couldn t wait for the last book The world was so grand and epic I loved the race of elves and the Ents I tore through this story as fast as I could go I read the appendix not being able to get enough I was hooked on this series I had a major book hangover and it was a bit sad not to have any story I did go on to read the Silmarillion a bit laterI felt like this was an amazing ending to a beloved series I loved the whole story I think it will be time for a re read soon The movies are stellar and the written story still has so much details to offer I love a soft magic system they are the best

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REVIEW The Return of the King J.R.R. Tolkien Ì 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì J.R.R. Tolkien Alternate cover edition hereThe Companions of the Ring have become involved in separate adventures as the uest continues Aragorn revealed as the hidden heir of the ancient Kings of the West joined with the Riders of Rohan against the forces of Isengard and took part in the desperate victory of the Hornburg Merry and Pippin captured by Orcs escaped into Fan. a rousing climax to the most ravishing love story of the modern age tempestuous tormented Frodo at long last learns to accept the love of his lifemate the loyal and submissive Samwise Gamgee bottom extraordinaire this is truly a tale of love s labour hard won and at such a cost but love conuers all in the end and even bitter militantly hetero villain Sauron cannot stand in the heart s path for too long in this third book of the torrid trilogy Frodo s love hate relationship with the concept of commitment deftly symbolized by a gorgeous one of a kind designer ring reaches a dramatic fever pitch as he wrestles with his awkward feelings about monogamy gay marriage in the boiling repressive deserts of Mordor clearly a stand in for maverick Texazona fortunately the maternal Sam is constantly by his side to offer succor forever the wind beneath Frodo s wings the incredibly racy erotic atmosphere is filled with a circuit party s worth of soldier types as well as many classic ueer icons butch trade turned romantic male model Aragorn saucy friends with benefits Merry Pippin the tough dour yet loveable uber dyke Arwen little bear daddy Gimli cringing closet case Oh My Precious fey pretty boy Legolas the exuisite drag ueen enchantress Galadriel and of course presiding over them all flouncing from scene to scene battling his nasty sourpuss of an ex boyfriend Saruman and just chewing up the scenery like no one elsethe fabulous and effervescent Gandalf the Gay you go girlfriend despite the couple dozen unnecessary scenes of Sam staring dreamily into Frodo s sad sad eyes this is truly a flawless and timeless gay classic one that boldly states Love Is a Glorious Burden That We Must Ever Shoulder love knows no boundaries and even the smallest of men can have the biggestheart i suppose ueer fave Enya even contributes to the soundtrack Return of the King is a luscious deliriously homoerotic fantasia oops forgot i wasn t reviewing the thrillingly fagtastic film version well as far as the novel goes it is perfect i wouldn t change a word even the poetry is awesome

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REVIEW The Return of the King J.R.R. Tolkien Ì 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì J.R.R. Tolkien Gorn Forest and there encountered the Ents Gandalf returned miraculously and defeated the evil wizard Saruman Meanwhile Sam and Frodo progressed towards Mordor to destroy the Ring accompanied by SmEagol Gollum still obsessed by his 'precious' After a battle with the giant spider Shelob Sam left his master for dead; but Frodo is still alive in the hands of. The last stand for the control of Middle Earth I WENT TO MIDDLE EARTH AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS CRUMMY RING That s the message in a t shirt that I got in a tourism travel and I still have it I thought that it was appropiate to begin my review about the third part and final of Lord of the RingsAll that fuzz about a ring that can turn you invisible You may think but that was the least of its properties Its major use was being able to control of the rest of ring bearers with it and if you think about that many of the most powerful beings in the Middle Earth possessed a ring well it seems logical why all that fuzz Moreover a factor that not usually is pondered is that The One Ring also helps to extend the lifetime of a being to an absurd expanse and since Sauron is just a shadow of his past self it s evident why he needed The One Ring so badI commented in my review of the first part The Fellowship of the Ring about my theory of the plans of The One Ring Not Sauron s Not Saruman s But the One Ring It was obsessed about the Hobbits since they were the last bastion of pure goodness in the whole Middle Earth Without making any spoilers I am kinda sad that while it wasn t due actions of The One Ring bute vil powers damaged that idyllic of a simple life Also I think that the whole thing was unnecessary to the main story and even over extending the tale kinda ruining the final climax of the warBack in The Hobbit Bilbo s first act having The One Ring waspietyA small noble deed that would define the fate of the whole Middle EarthThat makes you think about it Each action has a conseuence Maybe you won t be able to realize the conseuence but it s clear that you have to think about your actions since you never know that something that you may consider irrelevant even correct it may lead to conseuences with epic importance OWYN GALADRIEL MIDDLE EARTH GIRL POWER Again I won t spoil anything I only can say that one of my favorite female characters in the saga is owyn along with Galadriel Their paths are separate they are different kind of female characters but definitely they proved their own importance and vital roles in this story plenty of male charactersGaladriel s role was centered mainly in the first part but you ll find her here again The Fellowship of the Ring and you can t doubt that she along with Elrond one of my favorite male characters both are of the most powerful beings in the Middle Earth where their existence over there defined the beginning and the end of the Third Age owyn was introduced on the second part The Two Towers but it s on the third and final part The Return of the King where she plays her vital role in an age where men were the ones usually in the battlefieldsIt s clear that a predilect theme of JRR Tolkien was to show that while wars are things to avoid if possible if the war is inescapable it s short sighted and close minded not considering the worth and courage of the unlikely beings Hobbits women and including them into the ranks of the defending army Since many times the tall and strong men don t think that people of small height or from the weaker sex can be valuable during a war But you can testify that in The War of the Ring four Hobbits and a woman changed the course of it during epic moments of impossible odds LEGACY OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS The saga ends here Return of the King at least the main story because certainly you can find a LOT of tales in the other books by Tolkien set in the Middle EarthAnd it s indisputable the legacy caused by this storySince ALL the following novels and book series in the genre of epic fantasy are inspired andor influenced due the publication of Lord of the Rings but its impact isn t limited to this literary genre since if you know what to look or watching carefully you ll find plots elements concepts etc of this story in other novels of different genres in films in TV etcOnce you woud be aware of this story you keep noticing here and there the influence and impact of it Not matter if you like Lord of the Rings or not you have to thank anyway since the imagination and creativity in the minds of artists in the whole world in all kind of art fields were never the same after the publication of this work They got betterThank you Tolkien