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free read The Nest review The Nest Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Gregory A. Douglas É 3 free read It was just an ordinary garbage dump on peaceful Cape Cod No one ever imagined that conditions were perfect for multiple breedi. On a 2 mile long 1 mile wide island near Cape Cod the small community there is unaware that the cockroaches infesting the nearby dump are undergoing a strange and frightening mutation No this isn t a giant bug novel though these cockroaches are slightly larger than normal These roaches have rapidly evolved to form a hive mind intelligence as well as much stronger mandibles There are hundreds of thousands of them And they re hungryThis was a well above average creature feature certainly a step above the typical nasties of the 70s and 80s whose authors hoped to cash in on the success of James Herbert s Rats trilogy Still 448 pages is a bit much for a killer bug story though the writing was grade A pulpy goodness with vivid disgusting descriptions of gruesome roach on human violence Here s a typical exampleThe boy dropped his own body over his sister s trying to shield her The bloodthirsty insects crawled between them now tearing and ripping at both juvenile bodies The girl s silken corn hair was ropy with her blood and her brother s Their empty socketed eyes stared at each other face to frail face as they perished in this storm horrible than the sea had ever hurled at the islandDepressing But awesomeBut in between the good stuff there was a bit too much exposition on insect biology and habits in the form of speeches given by the two scientists brought in to help with the oncoming inevitable disaster Much of it was pretty interesting and I ll take the author s word for it that all the crazy facts are true but there were seriously 15 20 page stretches of nothing but these speechesStill I m a sucker for these sorts of trapped on an island while being hunted bysomething type stories and this one scratched that itch rather nicely It was also very very dark with an almost hopeless feel throughout while still maintaining some semblance of pure carnage y fun You can tell that the author who normally wrote straight fiction under his real name Eli Cantor had a blast trying to continually outdo himself with each roach attack and that rubbed off on me for the most part Too bad he didn t rein it all in just a littleI wouldn t recommend the general horror fan to pay the crazy online prices for this but anyone into the James HerbertGuy N SmithShaun Hutson style critter novels as well as those into the whole trapped and hunted theme could certainly do worse than The Nest35 Stars

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free read The Nest review The Nest Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Gregory A. Douglas É 3 free read To satiation Then the change in poison control was made and the huge mutants began to leave their nest in search of human flesh. A guy fucks a pile of leaves and roaches shit in each others mouths I d give it ten stars if I could

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free read The Nest review The Nest Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Gregory A. Douglas É 3 free read Ng that it was a warm womb fetid moist and with food so plentiful that everything crawling creeping and slithering could gorge. 35150 stars I liked the old school feel to this just enough to round up to 4 This story takes a bit of an odd perspective for me considering my very science minded young son is raising some giant cockroaches in a cage in his room right now amongst many other creepy crawlies I ll definitely be looking at them differently from now on lol Fun creature feature horror

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