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REVIEW ✓ Brotopia Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley For women in tech Silicon Valley is not a fantasyland where millions of dollars grow on trees It's a Brotopia where men hold all the cards and make all the rules Vastly outnumbered women face toxic workplaces rife with discrimination and sexual harassment where investors take meetings in hot tubs and network at sex partiesIn this powerful exposé Bloomberg TV journalist Emily Chang reveals how Silicon Valley got so sexist despite its utopian ideals why bro culture endures despite decades of companies claiming the moral high ground Don't Be Evil Con I know how tricky it can be for a white straight cis dude to write anything negative about a book like this I feel that my identity will be held against me and my review discounted as a result but I m going to share a review anywayThis book is a missed opportunity So much hype for it So much interest in it But so little promise fulfilledA big problem with the book is that there s almost nothing in it you can t find in many of the articles and reporting of the metoo movement The section about sex parties was the most original bit of reporting but it was already published onlineRegarding that sex party story it stinks A friend and former colleague of mine whose honesty I do not doubt tells me that she was at the party and that it wasn t anything like the one Emily Chang described and that she my friend would have left if it were anything like that What s people warned Chang that her story was inaccurate but she chose to publish it anyway Maybe not unethical but probably not uality journalism eitherThat said this is a a good book to give someone who feels downtrodden by bros and who hasn t been keeping up with the news Perhaps a young person in her first job in corporate America struggling with her first encounters with the sexism that pervades our culture This is also a good book for leaders who haven t been keeping up with the issues There s the rub if those leaders haven t cared enough to become enlightened before now this book isn t going to end up on their nightstand I know two CEOs that I d love to give this book to but I know neither of them would read itMy biggest issue with this book is that it s not thoughtful or deep enough It doesn t cover the roots of gendered ineuality It completely avoids talking about the patriarchal behaviors in our broader society It avoids talking about business culture in general and the roots of meritocratic ideals including the redeeming aspects of these ideals The tech business inherited many of its norms from our broader society but Chang chose not to touch on the broader cultural context She stuck narrowly to just tech and the book is less because of itOne thing the book dangerously agrees with gender essentialist ways of seeing the differences between sexes and in doing so it extends sexist behaviors and the justifications used for them Chang unthinkingly champions stereotypes that suggest the differences we observe between genders derive naturally from our underlying DNA rather than from thousands of years of cultural baggageWhat I mean by this I learned from the book Testosterone Rex which I recommend over this book any day Here s a uote from Testosterone Rex When we think in essentialist ways about social groups the differences between them seem large unbridgeable inevitable unchangeable and ordained by nature Those who think in gender essentialist ways are likely to embrace gender stereotypes that are the foundation of intended and unintended discrimination in the workplace They are likely to feel negatively toward power seeking women relative to men They are likely to allocate childcare in a traditional way They are likely to prefer that the husband earns in a heterosexual marriage and to expect to make traditional work care tradeoffs Women encouraged to take a essentialist view of gender become vulnerable to stereotype threat the reduction in performance and interest in traditionally masculine domains triggered by negative stereotypes about women Gender essentialist thinking makes men evaluate sex crimes leniently and makes people less supportive of progressive gender policies and feel comfortable with the status uo Anyway Brotopia is an OK book overall I think those of us who have agreed to take responsibility for our own actions and how they impact others are even obligated to read books like this so I m glad I read it But this is no Pulitzer contender nor even touching memoir nor brilliantly worded polemic It s like a book length article than a major contribution to the movement

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REVIEW ✓ Brotopia Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley Nect the World and how women are finally starting to speak out and fight backDrawing on her deep network of Silicon Valley insiders Chang opens the boardroom doors of male dominated venture capital firms like Kleiner Perkins the subject of Ellen Pao's high profile gender discrimination lawsuit and Seuoia where a partner once famously said they won't lower their standards just to hire women Interviews with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who got their start at Google where just one in five e I REALLY wanted to like this book This is a topic I care a lot about I called out the CEO of my company at all hands for not having enough women on the leadership team I read in my neighborhood blog that Emily Chang is a neighbor She seems rad I want to be friends with her But even stillI had hoped this book would capture what it felt like to be woman working in tech in SV and why women are treated the way they are It felt like that Emily Chang focused on the big names that she was connected to from working at Bloomberg News It mostly felt like a rehash of recent women in tech news For example she talks about PayPal mafia and then she talks to Max Levchin about his current company Affirm He talks about how the environment at Affirm is way different than PayPal But it s all from Max s perspectiveI wanted to read the book where we then hear about the experience from a female engineer on Affirm s teaminstead giving platform to anotherwhite maleYou get Sheryl Sandberg instead of that woman working at Facebook contemplating freezing her eggs It s all the same perspective that you continually hear about in tech news

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REVIEW ✓ Brotopia Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley Ngineers is a woman reveal just how hard it is to crack the Silicon Ceiling And Chang shows how women such as former Uber engineer Susan Fowler entrepreneur Niniane Wang and game developer Brianna Wu have risked their careers and sometimes their lives to pave a way for other womenSilicon Valley's aggressive misogynistic work at all costs culture has shut women out of the greatest wealth creation in the history of the world It's time to break up the boys' club Emily Chang shows us how to fix this toxic culture to bring down Brotopia once and for all BROTOPIA BREAKING UP THE BOYS CLUB OF SILICON VALLEY popped onto my reading radar while speaking with a former colleague about her experiences going to B school Stanford and working at a prominent tech firm Salesforce in Silicon Valley My friend s graduate school project involved collecting and analyzing data about the gender disparity in the tech world Her research was the basis for a recent cover article in Atlantic Monthly and received a mention in this book by Emily Chang Overall this is a good book well written insightful and interesting the story about Lena Soderberg aka Lenna Sjooblom aka Playboy s 1972 Miss May as the inspiration for the development of JPEG images is incredible while also raising much incredulity Chang spins story after story of shocking horrible outlandish unacceptable and boorish behavior by the Bros of Silicon Valley She tells these stories in an interesting way mostly by going company by company showing the many mistakes and scandals at tech and VC firms while also pointing out some of the places and people who have not just tried to bring women and minorities into the tech world but also make them feel welcome and respected Unfortunately there aren t a lot of shining examples of success in the latter category My only criticisms of the book are that I wish Chang had delved a little further into the data my friend and her colleagues amassed instead of just providing company vignettes At times the stories came across as anecdotal instead of indicative of a systemic problem My other criticism is the assumption that the goal in SV and elsewhere should be a 5050 representation between male and female workers Is this goal desirable much less attainable Shouldn t the goal be to make women and other non straight white male people feel welcome and respected instead no matter what their number is My reasoning here is that why use 5050 as a marker at all What if or less women than 50% want to go into coding and other tech fields How does this desire in tech play out in other fields is this truly the goal of all industries to represent people by their numbers in the general populationBesides those uibbles I admire Chang s book especially her fearlessness when it comes to naming names of men who epitomize the worst of Silicon Valley Bro culture