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  • Paperback
  • 322
  • Calling Me Home
  • Julie Kibler
  • English
  • 01 August 2017
  • 9781447227557

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Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Julie Kibler Julie Kibler ñ 4 characters Calling Me Home characters ↠ 104 89 year old Isabelle McAllister has a favour to ask her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis and it's a big one Isabelle wants Dorrie a black single mother in her thirties to drop everything to drive her from her home in Arlington Texas to a funeral in OhioAs they drive Isabelle starts to tell her st. I hope you enjoy Calling Me Home Thank you for reading and spreading the word if you like it

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Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Julie Kibler Julie Kibler ñ 4 characters Calling Me Home characters ↠ 104 Aded for a gathering of the utmost importance and that the history of Isabelle's first and greatest love just might help Dorrie find her own wayWith tenderness and searing emotion Calling Me Home illuminates the hardships passions and dreams that link women across race generations and time. I wanted a lot of things I wanted elouent sophisticated language I wanted fleshy characters I wanted witty or wise dialogue I wanted cool sentences to highlight I wanted to be wowed Lower my expectations I tell myselfThis is a story about a young black hairdresser Dorrie who is driving an old white woman Isabelle to a mysterious funeral far away There s a chapter for each of them back and forth Dorrie talks about what s happening in her life now Isabelle tells about her past about her forbidden love Robert The language is straightforward but flat If I had to guess the reading level I d say middle school at the most No big words no complex sentence structure And it has what I call a precious southern feel to it I can just hear the people talking painfully slow and there s something oh golly oh shucks about the book And the characters act like they re saying something profound when really it s trite More wants I wanted Dorrie to be edgy or uirky or intelligent I wanted Isabelle to do all the talking I spent a lot of time wishing Dorrie would shut up so I could get back to Isabelle s GOOD story Dorrie was bland city and so stereotyped Single mom doesn t realize that her man is good and then of course her old buddy teaches her that he is Single mom s teenage son gives her grief Blah blah blah I couldn t have cared less about Dorrie s problems When Isabelle finished telling her story I wanted the book to end Stop while you re ahead Instead no Dorrie had to finish her boring story which ended with Hallmark sap spilling all over the place And she really drew it out which was torturous 30 or pages too many Every time I finished a chapter it was always tied up nicely and it felt like the end So I d sigh in relief and think thank God that s over only to turn the page and find a new chapter It was so anti climactic and it neutralized some of the rawness that Isabelle s story exposed Mostly everyone gave this book a rave review and talked about what a great relationship Isabelle and Dorrie had As usual I m the odd person out I observed their relationship stoically their story just didn t grab me I kept wincing The idea of a road trip with two people who are so different sounds good on paper but their trip is actually boring I didn t think the characters interacted with any umph And there was NO interesting dialogue Zero I was underwhelmedAnother want I wanted Robert to be developed I didn t get a feel for why he was attracted to Isabelle Just didn t buy that he suddenly loved her She gets a crush he ignores her for a while and then poof he loves her Huh And he disappears from the story for too long I craved interaction A final want I wanted to hear Robert s story I know that structurally with the author giving alternate chapters to Dorrie and Isabelle it wasn t possible to give Robert s point of view how could Isabelle for example know what Robert was thinking So actually I wanted a different book I wanted it to be all about Isabelle and Robert one chapter told from Isabelle s point of view one chapter told from Robert s point of view and so on Or the whole book could have been Isabelle telling her story Let s please just ditch DorrieOkay I m always so critical but really there are things I liked about the book Isabelle s love story is heart wrenching and beautiful and the author did a great job of conveying how Isabelle felt I was invested in her I was rooting for her all the way The pace was fine and the language though simple was straightforward The plot moved right along there weren t any fillers or annoying asides Isabelle s story has several surprises most of them bad which made it an intense and suspenseful read at times The ultimate uestion Did I care enough to want to find out what happened to Isabelle Absolutely I give this one a solid 3

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Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Julie Kibler Julie Kibler ñ 4 characters Calling Me Home characters ↠ 104 Ory as a willful teen in 1930s Kentucky she fell deeply in love with Robert Prewitt the black son of her family's housekeeper in a town where blacks weren't allowed after dark The tale of their forbidden relationship and its tragic conseuences makes it clear that Dorrie and Isabelle are he. 5 starsOne of my bookish resolutions for the year was to start reading books that weren t just pure romance and seeing a couple of friends who loved this particular book motivated me to finally pick it up Without a doubt this is a book that will be on my best books read in 2015 list The content and sensitive topics explored were extremely thought provoking the heartbreaking forbidden romance both shattered my heart and mended it and the historical backdrop of the book made the story feel so real like I was transported in the world the author created and was a silent bystander who experienced everything the characters did This was one of the hardest books for me to read not because I didn t enjoy it or wasn t invested but because of how powerful the author s words are They leaped off the pages and seeped deep into my heart crippling me with the stark truth behind the ugly reality presented in the story And even though all of this is fictional the impression left afterwards is sure to impact minds and hearts alike invigorating readers to not let the tragedies and ostracism in the story reoccur in reality Of course not every book that tackles interracial romance and segregation will make a profound impact on me It all depends on the author s delivery of said premise and in this case I couldn t be impressed with the way the author presented her story and characters The tale follows a road trip where an 80 year old Isabelle is heading to a funeral with Dorrie her 30 something year old hairdresser Over the years Dorrie and Isabelle s relationship has gone from employeremployee to dear friends yet there s always this cloak of mystery that surrounds Isabelle that Dorrie can t figure out And even with Dorrie experiencing her own troubles with her boyfriend and children she still embarks on this road trip with Isabelle realizing that her old friend will need her for support Along the way it warmed my heart to witness the friendship dynamic between the two from arguing about the pettiest things to confessing hidden secrets the biggest one being Isabelle s romance with Robert the black son of her family s housekeeper and her one true love and the conseuences that arose because such an interracial relationship was forbiddenFrom there the author alternates between pastpresent scenes with Isabelle being the narrator in the past and Dorrie in the present This way both women are given an eual voice and keeps the story balanced and me invested As Isabelle s tale is unveiled chapter by chapter I got stomach butterflies while I read about her sweet and tender romance with Robert but also felt the unbearable heartbreak when the inevitable happened The fact that the story is set during World War II also heightens the pure desperation the longing and love these two experience One word can t really describe the range of emotions I felt while reading this story From the beginning and little by little I could sense my heart splintering in pieces while outwardly maintaining a calm appearance Gradually my throat was painfully clogged up eyes welled with unshed tears and mouth slightly uivering It seemed like with each new obstacle uncovered in the story a heavy weight would be dropped onto my heart until it completely crushed three uarters into the story and I could not stop sobbing after that point And when I got to the very end I closed the book feeling three distinct emotions sadness contentment and determination Immense sadness for all the injustice the characters suffered and their jagged pain Content because the story came full circle and left me with a teary smile on my face And determination to not let the mistakes in the story be repeated in the present at least not by me and to bring awareness to the topics explored in the book because sadly they still permeate society todayEveryone needs to read this book Love is love regardless of race gender age and backgroundCalling Me Home is a part women s fiction part romance part historical fiction standalone PS This is the first 5 star rating I ve given in 2 months