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Chicken Clicking

summary Chicken Clicking Chicken Clicking free read à 106 He whole farm But when she arranges to meet up with a friend she's made online she discovers all is not as it seemsL. WHAT Here I am reading an innocent little book on a chick using the farmer s computer to buy things when WHAM Twist ending A picture book about how to be safe on the web I never would have thought that was a needed market Cute way to tell kids to be safe about the internet don t steal other people s information or credit cards don t go off to meet a new online friend alone or at all Interesting book all around Stranger danger storytime coming up maybe

summary Chicken Clicking

summary Chicken Clicking Chicken Clicking free read à 106 One night Chick hops onto the farmer's house and has a browse on his computer CLICK soon she's shopping online for t. Well this was downright scary The audience is clearly really little kids with simple text crisp and bright illustrations uplifting rhyme schemes an opportunity to introduce terminology such as browse and software and the concept that simple clicking can lead to purchasing large things However I don t think it did a good job demonstrating that purchasing items have conseuences it was cute to see that all the farm animals got expensive gifts and vacations but nothing that a child would see as a negative conseuence It DID do an effective job of scaring the heck out of kids who may want to find friends online Liketerrifyingly and jarringly I left the story just feelingdread Although maybe I d feel the same way as an adult if I read the Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood for the first time as both cautionary tales include main characters being eaten Perhaps terrifying children is the best way to teach them not to do something but I think this book could have been gentler in one area and tougher in another I wouldn t read this to my kid

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summary Chicken Clicking Chicken Clicking free read à 106 Ittle Red Riding Hood for the iPad generation this is the perfect book for teaching children how to stay safe online. I get that this is a lesson book on why you shouldn t run off alone to meet someone you met online without telling anyone but there are several problems with the way this book attempts to get the message acrossFirst of all most of the book is about frivolous online shopping It ends abruptly when the chicken meets the person they were talking to online and it turns out to be a fox But since the fox is just sitting there drinking tea on a blanket I m not even sure that kids would necessarily understand that the fox means the chicken harm After all there are a lot of books out there about not judging others by their appearanceWhich leads me to the bigger issue this book sends the message that you will be able to recognize a predator when you see one because they will be scary looking when in fact many predators go out of their way to look harmless Ted Bundy for example or to send a harmless looking accomplice to bring you to a private locationIn my opinion the best way to teach this lesson would be to cut the shopping have the chicken meet their online buddy get a bad feeling about it I ve head other picture books refer to this as the uh oh feeling bail run to their parents and have the parents explain safety rules for making friends online