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Summary Claimed for Their Use (Ventori Masters, #2)

Summary Ô Claimed for Their Use (Ventori Masters, #2) ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Demand a demonstration of her suitability as a mate she soon finds herself blushing crimson as she is stripped bare soundly spanked and then claimed publicly by both of her masters at oncePublisher's Note Claimed for Their Use is a stand alone novel which is the second book in the Ventori Masters series It includes spankings and sexual scenes If such material offends you please don't buy this book Jessica and several other women have been saved by the Ventori from a Mexican Drug Lord But what would a Drug Lord need with a bunch of women meant to be carnal companions to Ventori Rook Dare of Fortar pod want to know that as well And why is she making them go into a rut Is she their true mate What is the reason for the specific women Well do follow the same line as the first book So that is always good We read a bit about Amanda and her mates Loax and Rentar We also find out what it is about these women that makes them so special Not only that but we have a spy within the Ventori You wouldn t think that so much would be going on besides some hot steamy kinky dirty talking sex But sure is a lot going on Jessica is a strong leader for an ex singer And she doesn t want to be thought weak Rook Dare are both hard on her but they also have a softer side too It takes a lot to learn to trust and allow for faith in an aliens you don t even know I enjoy the series I have been reading out of order So for me that is a bit annoying but steamy sex makes it worth it

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Summary Ô Claimed for Their Use (Ventori Masters, #2) ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Held captive by a brutal drug cartel and facing an uncertain fate the last thing Jessica Saint Claud expects is to be rescued by two huge fiercely handsome alien warriors but the real shock comes when the two Ventori commanders make it clear that she now belongs to them They will use their beautiful little human as thoroughly as they please and she will submit or be punishedTo Jessica's surprise he Back on my weekday erotic fiction run

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Summary Ô Claimed for Their Use (Ventori Masters, #2) ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook R body responds powerfully to their bold dominance and it uickly becomes clear that she is an ideal match for them both As their primal need for her grows stronger her new owners cannot resist taking her over and over in the most shameful of ways wringing pleasure from her naked uivering body than she would have thought possibleBut when Jessica's impetuous behavior leads the Ventori High Council to The Ventori saved the Earth from an invasion of a hostile alien force All they want in return is women They ask that there be women who are willing to sign contracts to spend some time with them as carnal contracts Jessica is one of those women When she and a group of other women are kidnapped by bad guys the Ventori come to their rescue It turns out that her rescuers don t want to let her go because she is their mate which means that the familial pod that held her contract are going to have to give her up I m not sure whether this is a menage or a reverse harem Yes she has sex with them both at the same time but she also develops a separate relationship with both guys Maybe it s a whole new genre menage harem Maybe I m just making no sense Either way there s that I love the fact that the Ventori males have these tattoos that start to tingle when they meet their mate and change colors They take really good care of their mate or the woman they are contracted to There were a couple of characters I outright didn t trust or didn t like Overall I really enjoyed the story

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