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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Claiming His Wedding Night
  • Louise Fuller
  • English
  • 14 May 2019
  • 9780373139392

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Free read Claiming His Wedding Night 107 You owe me a honeymoon Addie Farrell's marriage to casino magnate Malachi King lasted exactly one day until she discovered their love was a sham Now with funding for her children's charity I typically enjoy the stories about estranged couples reuniting And I think my expectations for Harleuin books are realistic a fun bit of light reading for escape and romance But this one was just painful Male lead was a petulant jerk Female was pretty much a doormat with an unrealistic view of life Much of the book was them sniping at each other And the plot was thin and boring It s almost impossible for me to discard a book not fully read so I finished this one I confess that reuired a fair amount of skimming and checking the progress line e book to see if it finally close to the end Waste of time and effort

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Free read Claiming His Wedding Night 107 E power back where it belongs in his hands The deal Malachi will give her the money she desperately needs if she returns to his side and finally he will claim his long awaited wedding night Malachi King is than just a very rich business man Making money from his casino empire he had a fast and ruthless reputation At least until Addie Farrell came in to his life Winning her wedding her then losing her before the honeymoon Five years later she is now back in his lifeAddie Farrell loved her husband finding our he only married her for the improvement to his image was hard Leaving him was harder but she could not live with him without his love Finding he has cut the funding to her charity she goes back to face him and take a chance to either give their marriage a go or end it for goodBoth find they really never took the time to learn anything about the other Sex hot and heavy can only go so far but can a chance to love break them free for the past

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Free read Claiming His Wedding Night 107 About to be cut Addie must face her husband and their dangerously seductive chemistry once again Humiliated and frustrated after Addie's sudden departure Malachi seizes the chance to put th This was so good I finished it in one day Just couldn t put it down If you love romance this is the book for you