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Classics Devotional Bible free read Ê 109 CS Lewis John Calvin Hannah Whithall Smith Brother Lawrence Charles Wesley Corrie ten Boom and others will help readers reflectively meditate on God's Word A full year of weekday and weekend devotions in the form of stories reflections poetr. It would be an understatement to say that this book changed my life Knowing this book and its author is my life Just today I read Psalms 81 and Romans 5 and it breathed life and mystery into me for my day I have learned to better love the Saviour and hero of this book Jesus Christ and what my identity and life is in him I would say that this book best compares to the food and water that we need for our bodies In the same way we desire food and drink throughout our day so in the same way I thirst for the words of this book and the author of them it is also interesting to learn how many people have died for the preservation diginity and spreading of this powerful book What makes it so consuming and dangerous What compels people to die for it It is simply a beautiful book that can change the hearts of men and women

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Classics Devotional Bible free read Ê 109 Y and hymns are with the Bible text Summary descriptions of each major period in church history including characteristics special concerns and uniue contributions are also included as well as reading plans author biographies subject index an. The Holy Bible is a fictional historical epic with elements of fantasy and the supernatural in general Epic is a word not out of place here for the Holy Bible is indeed a very hefty read There are actually various versions of the texts the Hebrew and the Christian I will talk about the Christian edition here so when I say Holy Bible I will refer to itThe Holy Bible is primarily divided into two big chapters the first is called the Old Testament and the other the New Testament Each of the two Testaments has its own subchapters with the latter in reality being a spin off of the former The Bible does not have a plot in the real sense of the word In fact it is much like Tolkien s Silmarillion which could be basically seen as an improved and definitely interesting version of the BibleThe central character in the Old Testament is a supernatural being referred to as God or Yahweh It is set in an alternate reality where he creates the world and humanity What we basically follow are the lives of various humans and their adventures throughout a long span of time in which God plays an active partIn the spin off the New Testament the main hero becomes a lowly carpenter and allegedly the son of God by the name of Jesus Even though ordinary in appearance Jesus has magical powers and is in fact himself considered a deity He decides to travel around the world gathering disciples much to the annoyance of the ruling Romans which do not look lightly upon it they fear this mysterious wizard Jesus that came out of nowhere could be a threat to them In this part of the Bible God plays only a minor role appearing only in specific instances crucial to the advancement of the plotAlthough from the plot summary it may seem that the Bible is indeed and intrigue filled and exciting read it is not There are so many problems with it I don t know where to beginFirst and most important of all the writing style and verbosity are piss poor In all honesty it is style wise a literal abomination There are many many repetitions in the narrative and the story is conveyed in an almost childish form of seuential expression like Character A did this Then he said blah blah Then character B went there and did something else Believe me it gets tedious very very fast Not to say it is at times so convoluted it ll make your brains hurtThere is also very little to no character development let alone character descriptions People and deities pop out of the blue enter abruptly and leave even so In addition about 80% of the characters are total fillers sons of sons of sons mentioned in name only and holding no relevance to the story You know a book is bad when all you know about your main hero is his name you simply cannot connect with him or any other for that matterThe exact same issues are with locales Not a word of the surroundings and basically you have no idea how the world the story takes place looks likeBesides there are obvious inconsistencies even within the small amount of development present For example it is said that God is an all powerful merciful supreme being on a higher state of evolution unfathomable to our puny minds You would assume that if such a being indeed existed it would have advanced beyond petty human concerns and concepts such as revenge jealousy egoism or hate Well despite his alleged kindheartedness all this God does is throw threats at his subjects and then proceeds to punish them in many painful ways often condemning whole generations for the supposed sins of one man or woman He demands unuestionable obedience and even gives an ultimatum live your life as I command or forever face eternal torment in a horrendous place called Hell Basically God is the ultimate opportunist he will aid you only if it will somehow benefit him in the future If not he won t move a finger and there is likely a chance he ll put a curse on you for bothering himHe is also uite bloodthirsty in the case of two brothers Cain and Abel for example he shunned Cain s tribute consisting of products of the land fruits and such while he looked very kindly upon Abel s blood sacrifice in the form of slaughtered animals As the story develops God or less directly is responsible for several genocides and other criminal actsIn the spin off the New Testament there is a blatant occurrence of a shortage of ideas There the course of Jesus life is accounted by four different writers with minimal differences So you could say you get the same event re told four times I mean really shame on youAlthough there are many battles and action scenes I said before the book covers a very great time span they are written no better than the rest of this shlock Overall a serious rewrite is needed if this is ever going to become at least a somewhat enjoyable readAnd it is simply mind boggling that despite its major flaws and almost no redeeming uality this literary piece is regarded in such a high esteem The farce goes even further and the Bible is officially the world s 1 bestseller of all times having sold billions of copies worldwideAvoid this by all means read Tolkien instead

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Classics Devotional Bible free read Ê 109 Devotional and spiritual writings from over 100 heroes and heroines of the faith are integrated with the complete Bible text in this inspiring devotional Bible Insights from the hearts and minds of Christians through the centuries including. I got my first Bible in 1974 and have been reading the Bible nearly daily since then I have at least six Bibles Two of them are falling apart I ve read them so much God has such a great sense of humor Whatever page I turn to there is a message of what I need that day I was born three months premature and the doctors did not expect me to live Prayer made the difference I cannot get through a day without prayer I do not know how anyone does The Bible helps me through the worst times in my life I highly recommend it to anyone who is Christian I highly recommend the Torah or the Koran to anyone who professes to be one of the other major religions in the world By reading the Bible one gains peace If we as individuals are peace filled we might bring peace to others in our world and peace to our world It s worth a try