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Cockfighter review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The sport is cockfighting and Frank Mansfield is the cockfighter a silent and fiercely contrary man whose obsession with winning will cost hi I have absolutely no idea how this book and its movie came back to the surface of my mind I watched the film in 1975 I think and I m sure it was with Paul the film student He was also a drunk and to date the only lover I ve ever had that I allowed to hit meCome to think on it he s also the source of one of my most enduring pleasures that of watching films whose books I ve read or plan to read and of making fantasy films of the books I read that haven t got films Thanks Paul for growing me a spine and for giving me that deeply satisfying fantasy life He died in 1986 so this is in the nature of valediction than praiseAnywayI recommend the book to men because it s about us at our most male and least woman centered It s brutal and tough and awful It s a clarion call to the smarter ones of us to look at what s actually going on in our heads and fucking stop it already Not because women don t like us for what they ve done to us but because hurting ourselves is just damned stupid The cult of macho is a male reaction to rejection and judgment as Willeford presents it this being what I ve observed it had me nodding along as I read the bookWhere the film falls down I think is in the nature of the storytelling medium On its surface this film s about how a man decides not to live with a woman but to sell every damn thing he owns and double down on the world of cockfighting Ultimately this works out in the sense that his cock wins the championshipNot one single human female would watch this movie and think oh that was fun The image of women in it is as emasculating damaging emotional black holes Yeah great date night flick eh what And men come off as damnfool eedjits without a lick of sense That both these things are true doesn t make them any easier to swallow And on film there are lost nuances because actors speaking lines aren t readers absorbing language use on multiple levels So it s no wonder to me that this film tankedBut it s a misunderstood work of art Cockfighter is Its darkest moments and grimmest interpretations are all true and accurate That s intentional on Willeford s part based on the entirety of his ouevre Go here to read a really really interesting academic take on Willeford as writer and man manu The levels and ideas that this brutal cruel emotionally stopped body of work contains are rewarding to unpick and enjoyable to contemplateFor Y chromosome bearers

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Cockfighter review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N of the cockpits and criminal underbelly of the rural south First published in 1962 by Charles Willeford later made into a Roger Corman film Books like Cockfighter remind me of how I came to love literature in the first place It offers a wonderful sense of being transported to an entirely different place seeing the world through the eyes of others and then ensuring that I m so captivated by a series of events that all I want to do in life at a given moment well most given moments is return to the next pageThe uote at the beginning of the book is from Ezra Pound What matters is not the idea a man holds but the depth at which he holds it There s plenty of depth in evidence here as protagonist Frank takes the reader into the life of a serious cockfighterFrank is such a passionate man that he s vowed unbeknownst to anyone else to remain silent until he gains the coveted mark of respect that is the silver medal that marks someone out as the cock handler of the year sniggers really don t fit on this occasion He explains himself a little here No one other than myself knew about my vow and I could have broken it at any time without losing face But I would know and I had to shave every day That last phrase is the kind of poetic turn that give the story an extra edge Willeford allows his character to tell his tale without relying on the mundaneWhen we meet Frank he s on the cusp of losing everything his money his last fighting bird his car and his trailer home on one fight with an old adversary It s a hugely dramatic opening and at risk of spoiling that drama look away now it ends up with Frank leaving the pit with only 10 a coop a few clothes and a guitarGiven a lift by an old friend who has been forced to retire he s offered the chance to buy the perfect bird Icarus for the hugely inflated sum of 500 Frank has a choice to promise to buy the bird or to give up the game and return home to marry his patient conservative fianc e Frank s passion means there s only one option and he sets off to find the money he needsWhat follows is the engrossing seuence of events that will lead up to Frank having the chance to make his personal dream come trueCockfighter reads like a novel from the depression era but is set in the 1960s In some ways it points to the hangover of values that are old fashioned in ways that might be seen as good and bad Frank has his own mixture of values and his own liberalish views are often contradicted by his animal self or by society Race and gender are particular areas of interest hereHe holds strong opinions on the nature of work and the illusions created by a capitalist society When looking for a job he comments The majority of the situations that were open in the agate columns were for salesmen And a man who can t talk can t sell anything Or on bigger dreams I liked the man for what he was and respected him for what he was trying to be But unlike me Doc lived with a dream that was practically unattainable All I wanted to be was the best cockfighter who had ever lived Doc who had already reached his late fifties wanted to be a big time capitalist and financier The series of adventures in the book are brilliantly told There s a wonderful use of dramatic tension which left me hungry to find out what would happen next When the final full stop was reached my appetite was entirely satisfied Here s a book the likes of which I wish I could write myself Given the talent on show and my own limitations that s very unlikely but just like Frank I don t see the harm in setting such a high goal Maybe I should take a vow of silence if nothing else I suspect my wife and colleagues would be happier that wayTremendous

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Cockfighter review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook M almost everything In this haunting ribald and percussively violent work the author of Hoke Moseley detective novels yields a floodlit visio This is hands down the best Brett Favre biography ever I was impressed by Charles Willeford s ability twenty two years after his death to explore the competitive milieu of peen pic texting There is a whole subculture surrounding this primeval sport in which grown men digitize their dangle not merely to woo the female of the species but to compete against each other in those bloody bread and circuses arenas known as celebrity dong blogs Is Favre s prize cock with its saintly Mexican name Intercepcion able to survive in the ring against the chanticleer of Kanye West named Gold Digger natch What are the odds that the fallen from grace B can redeem himself by defeating the prodigious genital proboscis of Santonio Holmes or Greg Oden just two of the trou dropping athletes in recent months to go full wang dang doodleBut perhaps most impressive are the strange rituals by which men gild their otherwise tumescent lilies to gain a competitive edge Who knew that Favre takes a razor blade to his Sandspur to carve grooves into it to give the appearance it s battle scarred than it really is thus raising the odds against him Who knew of how underhandedly bettors themselves will break into the training routines of poor Grady Size whose name couldn t be Dickensian than Dickens own in this context to size up his chances for taking his arch and decidedly curved enemy Little David It s this wealth of detail that makes Willeford s second best book after The Burnt Orange Heresy so authoritativeOf course being pulp there has to be some stock characters and impotent plotting The femme fatale in this case is the fetching and onomatopoetically ominous Michelle Metro who must keep Brett from leaving the business because she sells cockfighting magazines for com She s hott for sure but the world of the testicular wattle isn t for women The story structure is also delightfully shambolic a byproduct of the days when you cranked out a novel in thirty days to pay your electricity bill and to buy some pube straightener In this case the hero is one minute a master of his chosen domain name only to become out of nowhere a talented mother guitar plucker in an episodic excursion that seems included only because that s where the author s narrative rod led him There s also a weird and wholly misplaced subplot about a shady pharmaceutical flim flam man probably a veiled Viagra allegory is my guess But in the end you forgive these structural flaws because they give the hero dimension and keep him from seeming past his prime after twenty some seasons in the cocking leagues In the end that s what we love a beautiful loser who knows he s no hero Someone who probably understands a 31 3 castration by his former teammates is a sign from the gods that he s wilted beyond repair Willeford was awesome at capturing those type of men and while sportscasters grouse that we indulge in SchadenFavre please critics no Schadenfreude riffs retire the fucking word already and wear something else out for a while like Ted Nugent s favorite German catchphrase wang dang sweet weltanschauung I think what we really want is an opportunity to empathize rather than feel superior Love the fallen they need the stroking than those still stiff with hubris