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Come Back Little Sheba A Drama In Two Acts

Come Back Little Sheba A Drama In Two Acts review ã 100 Drama Characters 8 male 3 femaleScenery InteriorWilliam Inge burst upon the theatrical scene with this story of marital frustration which erupts in violence Doc and Lola had an indiscreet affair and she became pregnant Compelled to marry her he gave up his medical st. A great setup and a tight well written little script though ultimately pretty depressing I always love Inge s dialogue and his ability to demonstrate the beauty and pain of human relationships in almost claustrophobic detail and this show has all that going for it The ending though lacked any real resolution which seemed to kind of be the point and something about it just left me sad and wishing it could have been a little different What started out as a pretty relevant show ended up seeming like a product of its time in the end though still well worth a read or a viewing

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Come Back Little Sheba A Drama In Two Acts review ã 100 Ge student becomes their boarder and brings new life and long dormant hostilities to the surface of Doc and Lola's troubled marriage Shirley Booth won the Tony NY Drama Critics Award and later the Oscar as Best Actress of The Year for her compelling performance as Lo. I have stopped for a while because I didn t find it very interestingfinished the first play the shivait felt outdated and a like a bad copy of Tennesee Williams playsmaybe I will return to it later

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Come Back Little Sheba A Drama In Two Acts review ã 100 Udies forfeited his future and settled down to a life of uiet desperation with this simple homey woman who lost the child but has remained Doc's steadfast if slatternly wife Now a chiropractor and recovering alcoholic Doc's sobriety is tested when Marie a young colle. Growing up in the fifties I could not help but be aware of Come Back Little Sheba I remember my mom talking about the movie I ve never seen it But with the Best American Plays series of books I ve been purchasing and this being one of the plays in one of the books I decided to read itCome Back Little Sheba was written by William Inge A couple of aspects for which the play is known is its depiction of the Midwest as well as a portrait of ordinary lives of characters for whom anyone can relate Having recently read Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Oh Dad Poor Dad Mamma s Hung You in the Closet and I m Feeling So Sad to step away from the sophistication of these plays into a play that deals every bit as much with the human condition but in a low key manner was at first a bit jarring I was programmed for East Coast wit and this play portrayed a segment of society that s often dismissed because it s rooted in the everyday As I continued reading the heroic nature of these characters was revealed through Inge s honest portrayal of the daily struggles people like those in the play face I came away from the experience of reading Come Back Little Sheba feeling that a small important gift had been given me a gift of understanding and compassionIf you are into plays this one is a true gem Oh and if you are wondering who Little Sheba is it s the puppy that disappeared before the play begins the dog who Lola calls for each day to come back home In a greater sense Sheba represents the past for Lola and Doc It was beautiful and youthful but as time progressed it went away At the end of the play Lola realizes that the past is a place that should remain in the past The present is what matters

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