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Cowboys Kisses Review ¹ 2 Allie had big plans for the future Falling for a cowboy wasn't part of it 1 Get out of Black Falls Texas aka Redneck Hell Graduation was eight months away After that she was out of there2 Avoid Wyatt Hol. Cowboys and Kisses was a sweet romance that depicts two teenagers who come from broken situations and how they heal each otherIn the beginning of the story Allie and her family find themselves moving into her late grandmother s run down house in Black Falls Texas to start over She and her entire family have experienced a series of ups and downs and would like to make a fresh start and reconnect with one anotherFor Allie in particular she is still reeling from one fateful night which changed everything for her and can t wait to get the hell away from her familyShe then meets neighbor Wyatt Holcomb and continuously fights her attraction for himEnter WyattWyatt is the embodiment of what every cowboy should be He s sweet hard working has a charming smile with dimples in tow but also hides a grievous past and present in which he suppresses beneath his sunny fa ade Wyatt assists Allie s family in repairing and refinishing her house and in the process helping Allie mend her guilt ridden heart This is not to say that some good off of Allie doesn t rub off on Wyatt as she gives him what he s never thought he could really have a family to embrace and a bright future to look forward toA cute romance that was palpable in its right but fell into the okay zone for me Still a great read for you young adult bordering new adult loversAs for the next book in the series I hope that the next book is on Allie s bro Dax and Molly ARC provided on behalf of Author s H for the release day blitz Thanks so much

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Cowboys Kisses Review ¹ 2 Comb at all costs Except he was everywhere and kind of hard to ignore since he was hot and a really nice guy3 Avoid her parents Shouldn't be too hard to do since her father hated her and her mother prete. This was the sweetest romance I literally have ever read I mean Wyatt helps things out on me liking this book with his good looks I turned back to see Wyatt straighten stretch My mouth went totally dry He shifted the sledgehammer his arms flexing in the rising sun He rolled his neck his shoulders rippled and his stomach was The boy gets a little jealous Wyatt nodded the muscle in his jaw hardening for a minute Right Levi Wait a minute Holy crap Wyatt s jaw muscle flexed as he scrubbed the plate the plate that looked clean Sometimes a girl just needs to take charge in certain situations and that s what Allie does he glanced at my hold his shirt I didn t let go When he looked at me his smile was gone His eyes stared at me at my face my eyes my nose my mouth Once of his hands slipped from beneath me slowly reaching for me His callused fingertips traced my cheek He can be sort of forthcoming he stood up suddenly You re not my problem He crossed to me ButAllie I want you to be

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Cowboys Kisses Review ¹ 2 Nded nothing was wrong4 Stop thinking about Wyatt Which would be a lot easier if he wasn't so sweet and he'd keep his shirt on5 Decide what she really wants Instead of holding onto the past and the guilt. 55 Sniffs Overload Overload Sniffers Malfunctioning Entering Booksniffer bliss contented sighCheck out my review at Booksniffer Book Reviews

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