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Black Tan A Collection of Essays and Excursions on Slavery Culture War and Scripture in America

Black Tan A Collection of Essays and Excursions on Slavery Culture War and Scripture in America review Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub If we want to understand culture wars on the contemporary American scene we must first come to grips with the American culture wars of the nineteenth century That our nation did not remove slavery in a biblical way helps explain many of our contemporary social evils But who is ualified to talk about such things What is a biblical view of racism Why do the biblical answers to such uestions so infuriate the radical left and the radical right This collection of essays Critics want to lump this book in with other accounts of Lost Cause mythology but Wilson has been clear about what he does and does not support regarding the ConfederacyWilson answers the uestions What is your view of Southern Slavery and What is a paleo confederateHere With a Bit of Menthol March 9 2013 Wilson writes I have said for some time that America is long overdue for an adult conversation about race And by adult conversation I do not mean white people being patronizing and telling blacks to get over it and I do not mean privileged blacks playing the victim card a lot poorly than did their grandparents who were the actual victims of a lot stupid gunk Unfortunately the we have a need for an adult conversation the less capable we seem to be of actually having one For a conversation needs to have involved in it than one side venting grievances or the other side blithely pretending that nothing bad ever happened There are whites who do that but I have not been in their numberSee here Patrick Nostradamus Henry March 14 2013 for interaction with Bryan Loritts and Thabiti Anyabwile Regarding the Doug Thabiti interaction see here for Piper s praise See here for also available on FacebookSee here How Koinonia Conuers March 15 2013 for Wilson s comments on Philemon and slaveryMaybe The Grove of Ashtaroth July 30 2015 you should lighten up with the lectures about America s original sin of slavery and racism when you live in a city with a Planned Parenthood chapter that has dismembered thousands of little black children especially if you ve never publicly protested Planned Parenthood More black children are chopped into pieces in New York City than are born in New York City So if you felt a little tell tale exuisite thrill of self righteous pleasure when the Confederate flag came down in South Carolina then congratulations You are the problemFor on the flag and the fight over symbols see here A Coalition of Dust Bunnies August 26 2015 where Wilson argues that people are wildly inconsistent Now it really is reasonable to ask what an African American Christian thinks when he sees that Confederate flag on a fellow Christian s pick up truck Let me repeat that that is a reasonable uestion It should be taken into account What would a charitable approach to this be I don t despise this uestion What I despise is all the special pleading and hypocrisy So if we want our redneck brethren to learn how to remove such offensive stickers from their vehicles we could begin by calling on all hipster Christians to show them the way by scraping their ObamaBiden stickers off You know Barack God Bless Planned Parenthood Obama So with rednecks confronted with a reasonable uestion it is also reasonable to ask what the thirteen million African American children who were aborted since Roe think when they see the American flag But of course they were never given the opportunity to think anything about it because we killed them first They won t ever see the American flag that flew over and authorized their legal slaughter They don t know what to think about it because we sold their brains to StemExpress What flag was flying outside the Supreme Court the day they settled Roe And you want to judge the old ConfederacyHere This Crimson Carnage May 16 2016 Wilson argues that the Confederate flag should be removed but not for the reasons that many people argue What I am rejecting is demonization And to simply go along with what the left is currently demanding is to help establish their authority to demonize I don t want to accede control of that process to them I don t want them to have the demonization gun I know where they are going to point it next So I do want to replace the flag but I don t want to do it in a way that enthrones totalitarians giving them complete control over our dictionary of symbols These are the people who don t know the difference between boys and girls These are the people who fiercely condemn female circumcision in Saudi Arabia and applaud genital mutilation by another name in California These are the people who are willing to call people racists if they want to spend less than we take in So mark me down as happy to replace the flag but I just don t want to replace it with a white one And I understand the rainbow is takenWilson condemns racism but not the kind What Makes Racism Sinful June 17 2016 that includes everything from microagressions to expressing the view at Tea Party Rallies that budgets should balanceFor interaction with Thabiti on voting for Hillary see here John the Baptist s Yard Sign Aug 3 2016 where he gets into slavery again Wilson is a gradualist on both slavery and abortion In this essay Wilson gives a good summary of what the New Testament says about slaveryHere The Sinkhole Sinai May 4 2017 Wilson responds to Merritt s charge that he s an unhinged racistHere are some responses to Joel McDurmon on related topicsReview of The Bounds of Love April 1 2016Post re social justice Sept 10 2018Post on slavery and race relations Dec 20 2018In light of the fact that the MeToo movement has now come for MLK a man who was not only a serial adulterer with than 40 women but who also used language as vile as Trump has used laughed while watching a friend rape a woman and participated in orgies this post MLK Conseuentialism and More May 29 2019 which is part of a series of posts reviewing Woke Church by Eric Mason who also appreciates Eugene Genovese as a historian is timelyHere s a post re The Slaves of Jonathan Edwards Sept 18 2019 Here s Part 2 Sept 25 2019 which clarifies that Edwards s participation in a wicked institution slavery is not necessarily sinful as he could have been doing his best to give the slave woman who was going to be a slave no matter what he did as decent a life as he could whereas another master may have not the point is that we do not know and a blanket condemnation of him is not only inappropriate but unbiblical Here s a related post on white supremacyHere s a link to Southern Slavery as it WasI ve heard that this book is the one to read to erase the idea that the condition of slaves was really uite tolerable

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Black Tan A Collection of Essays and Excursions on Slavery Culture War and Scripture in America review Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub R Wilson is a fighter especially effective in defense of Christianity against those who try to turn Jesus' way of salvation into pseudo moralistic drivel Eugene Genovese PhD Columbia University author of nine books including Roll Jordan Roll The World the Slaves Made winner of the Bancroft Prize in American History teaching positions at Rutgers University of Rochester Yale Cambridge and formerly a distinguished scholar in residence for the University Center Georgia Glimmers of brilliance here and there The importance of amateur historians The cost of being suiffy in any area of Scripture The dangers of terminology like racial prejudice EtcMost of the book is statements that are interesting and provocative but aren t fully fleshed out Instead they give rise to uestions such as what was the actual nature of Southern culture How exactly did the war lead to our present disregard of the Constitution How do we distinguish between cultural issues that will be slowly changed by the Gospel eg slavery those that are fixed eg marriage and those that need to be ended immediately eg abortion Any of these uestions needs a full well researched treatment to answer completelyAll in all this book was much careful and even than I was expecting So that s good

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Black Tan A Collection of Essays and Excursions on Slavery Culture War and Scripture in America review Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub Lays out some of the answers from a view unashamed of historic biblical absolutism The Reverend Douglas Wilson may not be a professional historian as his detractors say but he has a strong grasp of the essentials of the history of slavery and its relation to Christian doctrine Indeed sad to say his grasp is a great deal stronger than that of most professors of American history whose distortions and trivializations disgrace our college classrooms And the Reverend M The best reasons for reading this book are Doug Wilson s own reasons for critiuing the radical anti God revolution that not only ended slavery which needed to go but also put to death America s biblical constitutional governmentBecause of the way slavery was ended we are dealing with atrocious conseuences down to the present How many millions of unborn children have died because federal authorities determined that the Constitution is a blank screen on which they may project their desires When did this process start in a significant way When did the Constitution because this nose of wax We will not understand the current civil conflicts which surround us until we go back and learn the truth about the War Between the States Until we get that particular history lesson straight we will continue to get every other subseuent history lesson wrong The battles we fight today are simply a later stage in the same war pp 96 77