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Summary Evidence of Things Unseen

Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Marianne Wiggins Marianne Wiggins ´ 8 Download Summary Evidence of Things Unseen This poetic novel by the acclaimed author of John Dollar describes America at the brink of the Atomic Age In the years between the two world wars the future held promise than peril but there was evidence of things unseen that would transfigure our unuestioned trust in a safe future Fos has returned to Tennessee from the trenches of France Intrigued with electricity bioluminescence and especially x rays he believes in science and the future of technology On a trip to the Outer Banks to study the Perseid m. The first thing I noticed in this book was Wiggen s use of poetic language Beautiful But in the beginning of the book at least it was too much for me Like too many plums in the pudding too much sauce on the pasta Tasty gems need a matrix to shine against When it s all chocolate chips and no cookie it can become cloying The writing lovely as it was slowed me down because it kept bringing attention to itself I love gorgeous writing but when I m reading a novel I don t want to keep stopping to admire the view at every step of the path But as I got into the book I either stopped noticing the pearls so much or she used them judiciously and it was smooth sailing from there onIt did however take a long time before I really cared about Fos and Opal There were times when I was just slogging along without much emotional involvement I wonder if that was because Fos and Opal were so inarticulate so turned in upon themselves that I felt as if they were unknowableI kept stopping to ponder the world in which Fos and Opal lived They were a little older than I am a little younger than my parents so many of the events in the book were things that happened in my lifetime In a way it was like being a kid again lying on my stomach in the living room in LA reading about the TVA and the bomb in Life MagazineI will say right here since nobody else has mentioned it that Wiggins use of dialect put me off A cadence a slight tinge here and there would have been enough to make us aware of Opal s and Fos s speech patterns Did she need to write things like whatcha gonna do phonetically like that Listen to any bunch of American English speakers in an informal situation and they ll talk like that too So I can t see the necessity of writing their speech the way Wiggins did I realize she wanted us to know how isolated and uneducated these two were but just a touch would have done it Overloading the dialect sounds condescending Li l Abner and Mammy YokumThis is beginning to sound like I didn t like the book I did But these are the reasons it didn t get 5 stars from me I loved the sense of wonder at the natural world especially the theme of light carried through the book stars phosphorescence x rays electricity radiation photography Did you know that photographers are often referred to as keepers of the light

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Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Marianne Wiggins Marianne Wiggins ´ 8 Download Summary Evidence of Things Unseen Eteor shower he falls in love with Opal whose father is a glassblower who can spin color out of lightFos brings his new wife back to Knoxville where he runs a photography studio with his former Army buddy Flash A witty rogue and a staunch disbeliever in Prohibition Flash brings tragedy to the couple when his appetite for pleasure runs up against both the law and the Ku Klux Klan Fos and Opal are forced to move to Opal's mother's farm on the Clinch River and soon they have a son Lightfoot But when the New. I m not the kind of person to gush I believe that the 80 20 ratio of great to mediocre applies to all things including books So when I do gush I mean it And I m gushing Evidence of Things Unseen covers the range of historical events from one great war to the next through the lives of Ray and Opal More than an examination of America during the interwar years this is a novel about death love and above all the search for a meaning to illuminate our lives Wiggins s writing is luminous covering everything from the hardscrabble uotidian to the prayerfully poeticThis has all the heart mind and soul of a great novel and like all such works lights up the dark corners of all our oh too human hearts

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Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Marianne Wiggins Marianne Wiggins ´ 8 Download Summary Evidence of Things Unseen Deal claims their farm for the TVA Fos seeks work at the Oak Ridge Laboratory Site X in the government's race to build the bomb And it is there when Opal falls ill with radiation poisoning that Fos's great faith in science deserts him Their lives have traveled with touching inevitability from their innocence and fascination with things that glow to the new world of manmade suns Hypnotic and powerful Evidence of Things Unseen constructs a heartbreaking arc through twentieth century American life and beli. This is a touching story of the tender love between Fos and Opal Fos is a man who has always been fascinated by things that glowfalling stars in the night sky bioluminescence in the dark seaHe accidentally finds Opal when his truck breaks down while he is in NC to see the meteor showers Opal is uite the repairman so she has him on the road again uicklyand she s with himThe author Marianne Wiggins deserves a Pulitzer Prize for this novel It is a riveting story of America before and during the Atomic Age Fos and Opal end up working in Oak Ridge TN when the race for the Atomic bomb is at it s height But before that they travel the country taking X Ray pictures at County Fairs They don t do this for medical reasons Everyone is thrilled to get to see the bones inside their skin And willing to pay money for this treatThis book flows like poetry The descriptions and feelings of the characters stayed with me long after I finished this book One particular scene that showed love and tenderness at it s deepest level was the scene of Fos bathing Opal It wasn t the sexuality of it that touched me Indeed it wasn t really sexualBut the tender gentle amazing love portrayed blew me out of the water I highly recommend this book

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