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Free download The Thin Man Read ï The Thin Man Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook O solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis At once knowing and unabashedly rom. In Dashiell Hammett s The Thin Man the relationship of Nick Charles and his wife Nora makes this stand out from other traditional noire detective novels While Nick has many of the same Sam Spadish ualities as other detectives in the genre he actually listens to and values the opinion of his wife even if his language is sometimes patronizing Their banter also shows the tough guy personae on display when he interrogates suspects is not how he really lives but how he does his job I m not claiming this is groundbreaking but it is still refreshing in this genre Overall I enjoyed the read As an aside I would like to be able to get as much done as Nick Charles does after so many drinks I m not sure I would even be able to find my way home 35 stars

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Free download The Thin Man Read ï The Thin Man Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett's most enchanting creations a rich glamorous couple wh. I invented a new drinking game based on The Thin Man and tried to give it a test run when I re read it The rules were simple every time that main character Nick Charles took a drink I d take one too However I had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of extreme alcohol poisoning by the second chapter So don t try thatNick used to be a private detective in New York but he left that behind when he married Nora and moved to California to take over the management of the various businesses her father left her Why couldn t Nora run them herself Because this was 1933 so in addition to casual alcoholism being an accepted part of everyday life the lady folks weren t going to be left in charge of something as important as business Ah the good ole daysNick and Nora are on a Christmas vacation trip back to New York when Nick bumps into the daughter of an old client of his Clyde Wynatt Wynatt has gone missing and a woman associated him was murdered so everyone from the family to Wynatt s lawyer to the cops think that Nick is working the case Nick would prefer to just do some drinking but Nora is intrigued by the idea of watching her husband play detective and other events transpire to pull Nick into reluctantly investigating in between glasses of whiskeyHammett s The Maltese Falcon and Red Harvest are two of my favorite detective novels as well as being considered classics of the genre This one shows off a bit of his versatility in that it reads as a witty comedy with a dash of murder rather than a hard boiled mystery The banter between Nick and Nora is fun and his casual remarks about needing a drink with breakfast just to cut the phlegm make for their own kind of anachronistic amusement The mystery is kind of a convoluted mess but Hammett managed to tie it all together with a resolution that makes sense It s not my favorite book of his but it s got a dated charm that makes it a fun read 365 stars

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Free download The Thin Man Read ï The Thin Man Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Antic The Thin Man is a murder mystery that doubles as a sophisticated comedy of manners. What I learned from this book in no particular order1 A speakeasy is the proper place for a man to wait for his wife to finish her shopping2 A Schnauzer is NOT a cross between a Scottie and an Irish terrier3 I hit Nora with my left hand knocking her down across the room If a bad guy points a gun at you and your wife the standard operating procedure is to knock her out to prevent her from becoming hysterical over such a potentially distressing situation 4 Women do not really mind being knocked out for such reasons by their loving spouses She would mildly protest but would uickly forget it over a few drinks5 Feminine brain storms cause hysteria in women Italians and other foreigners are also prone to hysterics6 A Scotch and soda is a panacea for insomnia and taken first thing in the morning before breakfast would keep you awake during the day Having up to 5 or 6 drinks a day would not keep you from being a brilliant dick7 Policemen s liuor is no good Never partake of any even though it s terribly tempting8 A dame with hair on her chest is admirable 9 Women s intuition is not to be belittled even though they are prone to hysterics10 Flirtatious banter directed at any receptive female would get a man out of any number of tight situations Other Random ObservationsNumber of dead bodies 3 Number of alcoholic drink consumed by the protagonist 21Number of cute canine interludes 8Number of un PC racial epithet 1Number of incident of spousal abuse by the protagonist 1BUT SERIOUSLYI expected this to be a shining example of the 1930 s noirscrewball comedy starring an amusing bantering couple hard drinkin tough guys and smoky eyed femme fatales It certainly delivers some of these elements in generous portions However the banter is only mildly amusing and the twist ending is achieved through the concealment of certain crucial facts from the reader not my preferred kind of mystery writing There is some social commentary although nothing overt considering that Hammett was a Communist and a perfectly adeuate if rather bland description of the seedier underbelly of Prohibition era New York City Raymond Chandler with his vivid similes deliciously uotable dialogue and atmospheric evocation of LA seems to be the superior noir writer