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review Hannibal Enemy of Rome 103 Or family againA WORLD AFLAMEBut their destiny interwoven and linked with that of their Roman masters is to be an extraordinary one The devastating war unleashed upon Rome by Hannibal will last for nearly twenty years It will change their lives and history forev. It s been a good while since I read a Ben Kane however on the evidence of this magnificent enthralling captivating book I ve really been missing out and is something I intend to rectify and uicklyFirst of all it s a long one it s a good 150 pages before the man himself puts in an appearance for example However there s hardly a sentence a word even wasted the whole way through I was glued to it the whole way through and by the end I found myself wishing it had been twice as long It s long but still too short Good then that it s the first volume in a trilogy Gooder stillthat I have the others lined up on the shelf over thereTo be honest sometimes even I can t uite put my finger on exactly why I thought a book was so good Then I think does it even matter No At those times maybe it s just best to sit back and enjoy the ride Then enjoy that s the point isn t it I read to enjoy a good story about something I m interested in Or not that makes me interested in it because it s a good book That s Hannibal So what did I enjoy Well Ben Kane does have the deserved reputation in my book anyway for writing battle scenes that are perhaps a cut above the others However excellent battle scenes apart it was the verbal cut and thrusts jabs straight to the heart and of course the final delivery of the death blow of the Senate debate scenes between Publius and Marcus Minucius Rufus that really impressed and will stay with me The crackle of tension the ebb and flow the poise and grace the delicate crikey it could go either way here balance leading us to the final coup de grace Superb writing is superb writing whatever the genre And this that is superb writingI thought the tension between the Carthaginian brothers was 99% believable There were a couple of minor occasions where they clearly in the real world have reacted differently In making the people different to us in that they lived 2000 odd years ago but clearly like us in many ways so we relate to them you surely have to as a reader and a writer stick with the thought what would I do in that situation Then when you re absolutely sure that you and anyone you know would have belted the other brother one for instance and he doesn t he says fair enough lets get on with it it sticks a little No matterCarthaginians and Romans are treated even handedly No good guys and bad guys I suppose there could have been a temptation to treat the Carthaginians favourably as the underdog perhaps the Romans less so I think Ben has avoided taking sides to free the story and himself from the reader s own perceived confines with one eye on how the rest of the story has to unfold Because the temptation of writing what at least I was expecting the plucky small guy up against the evil Empire must have been very greatI ve been incredibly fortunate in my time and especially of late to read some really exceptional books set at various points of the Roman era Hannibal Enemy of Rome continues that disturbingly good trend Highly recommendedMore world class reviews on Speesh Reads

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review Hannibal Enemy of Rome 103 ENEMY OF ROMEThe great Carthaginian general Hannibal has never forgotten the defeat and humiliation of his father by Rome Now he plans his revenge and the destruction of the old enemySOLDIER OF CARTHAGEWhile Hannibal prepares for war the young son of one of his m. I found Dr Kane s novel a very entertaining and readable look at the beginnings of the Second Punic War Let me state what this novel is not It is not the story of Hannibal Barca He is at most a major supporting character in the novel What this novel is the story of the opening moves of the 2nd Punic war the RomanCarthaginian fight in Iberia Hannibal crossing the Alps and the first few battles between the Carthaginians and the Romans in the north of the Italian PeninsulaThe author tells his story through the eyes of two noble families One Carthaginian and Roman He begins the novel with the youngest son of the Carthaginian family Hanno being swept out to sea while playing hooky being picked up by pirates off the coast of Sicily and eventually being sold as a slave to a Roman family He then becomes a companion to the son of the purchasing family uintusRoughly the first half of the novel is establishing the two boys relationship they become fast friends This plays into some of the events in the second half of the book when they face each other on the battlefield The story of the two sons is interrupted by scenes of what is going on in Carthage Since Hannibal is doing well in Iberia Hanno s father Malchus and two brothers join him Upon arriving Malchus becomes one of the senior officers in Hannibal s army Hanno s two brothers are also give responsible assignments befitting their social status As the siege of Saguntum winds down Hannibal proposes a plan to invade Italy and attack Rome At this time Hanno also shows up He has been release by uintus and after returning to Carthage continues on to join his family and the army Since Rome now controls the northern Mediterranean Sea the problem is how to get there What Hannibal proposes is an overland invasion through the Alps For me this is where the novel really takes offDr Kane does a superb job of telling the story of the crossing of the Alps He illustrates the problems the army had with native Celtic tribes who the Carthaginians assumed would be automatically their allies The weather esp the cold and snow it excellently drawn to say nothing of getting the elephants over the passes and down into what became Northern Italy He also tells of the struggles with the paths crossing the Alps They were narrow and often blocked The ingenuity that enabled the army to just get to Italy is very well portrayedOnce the Army arrives in Italy Dr Kane does an excellent job of describing both the Roman and Carthaginian strategies as well as the political problems that beset the Roman generals Basically there was a hubris in the Roman Senate that could not abide a Carthaginian Army anywhere on the peninsula and it didn t matter what the generals thought would be the best way to fight they had damn well attack and drive them off It didn t work to well and Hannibal destroyed each and every Roman Army that came against him Dr Kane ends the novel before Hannibal s classic and crushing victory at Cannae I would presume this will be taken up in the next novelAs Hannibal descends the Alps into Italy uintus and his father join the army As always Dr Kane does battle seuences well and draws the reader into the action His descriptions of the tension between the two Roman commanders a feature of Republican armies was that there was no overall commander command was passed between two commanders daily is well drawn and enlighteningFinally one word about the structure of the novel The author really doesn t pick sides in the narrative He shifts between the Roman and Carthaginian world freuently and doesn t seem to have a favoriteThis novel was a solid 4 star read for me I definately plan on reading the other novels in the series

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review Hannibal Enemy of Rome 103 Ost trusted military commanders goes on an innocent adventure with his best friend and disappearsSLAVERYCaptured by pirates put up for sale in the slave market one of the boys is sold as a gladiator the other as a field slave They believe they will never see home. Ancient Medieval group read A novel with a strong adventure flavour that uses tactics of suspense At first the simplicity of the writing bothered me but plotting skills swept me up Simple needn t be bad in my book crude is bad and the world of the novel isn t crudely thought out I liked the presentation from both sides Carthaginian and Roman with uick switches between them Carthaginians might have an edge in our sympathies but they commit atrocities too The book is warm hearted and has a conscience about what people do in war It looks at prejudices and war hatreds It has a knack for skipping the boring bits and a flexibility in the telling It doesn t dwell too much on so called action than which nothing is dull What s not to like

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