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  • 16 February 2018
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Torpor by Chris Kraus

Torpor by Chris Kraus review ↠ 100 Vie Green two former New Yorkers who can no longer afford an East Village apartment set off on a journey across the entire former Soviet Bloc with the specious aim of adopting a Romanian orphan Nirvana's on the radio everywhere and wars are erupting across YugoslaviaUnhappily married to Jerome a 53 year old Columbia University professor who loathes academe Sylvie thinks only of happiness At 35 she dreams of stuffed bears and wonders why their lives lack the tremulous sincerity that pervades thirtysomething that season's hot new TV show There are only two things. devastating beautiful romania orphans the end of history what else do you want

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Torpor by Chris Kraus review ↠ 100 Sylvie thinks that will save them a child of their own and the success of The Anthropology of Unhappiness her husband's long postponed book on the Holocaust But as they move forward toward impoverished Romania Jerome's memories of his father's extermination at Auschwitz and his own childhood survival impede themSavagely ironic and deeply lyrical Torpor explores the swirling mix of nationalisms capital flows and negative entropy that define the present haunted by the persistence of historical memory Written in the third person it is her most personal novel to dat. An easier book to assimilate than I Love Dick with an ending justifying the complete reading of this novel thus lessoning the pain of my manifesting time lost never to be regained Why a person would wish to end his life this way is beyond my understanding Nonetheless I continue to practice this disagreeable discipline Suffice to say there is nothing remarkable to report regarding this novel Names could be dropped but Kraus already has this operation down in spades A little pillow talk might be fun but my too brief and untidy accounting would be a shame to suffer through just as hers was

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Torpor by Chris Kraus review ↠ 100 Sylvie wanted to believe that misery could simply be replaced with happiness Time was a straight line stretching out before you If you could create a golden kind of time and lay it right beside the other time the time of horror Bad History could just recede into the distance without ever having to be resolved from TorporSet at the dawn of the New World Order Chris Kraus's third novel Torpor loops back to the beginning of the decade that was the basis of I Love Dick her pseudo confessional cult classic debut It's summer 1991 post MTV pre AOL Jerome Shafir and Syl. fuuuuck