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  • Bad Birthdays
  • Sarah Christensen Fu
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  • 08 August 2019
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Bad Birthdays

Free read ↠ Bad Birthdays Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The true uirks oddities and unpleasantries that characterize your unlucky sign of the zodiac and rule your destiny When it comes to love do you think that watery Pisces are naturally romantic lovers Think again if you re unfortunate enough to have a relationship with a Plagued Pisces or a Contemptible Cancer you re in trouble Reference the relationship sections to rate your compatibility with other star signs or at least highlight. If you are looking for the typical astrology book this is not for you Although fairly accurate it is written with a lot humor and snark It is great for a good laugh Your are told what is wrong with you based on your birthday Not all roses and sunshine here For example my daughter found out she was born on the same day as Ted Bundy No other astrology book will tell you info like that I did win this book through goodreads

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Free read ↠ Bad Birthdays Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free This is a book for anyone who is irritated by the disconnect between the perky promises and mindlessly cheerfully affirmations that apply to a specific sun sign and the crappy week that ensues It is the ultimate corrective to the plethora of happy sappy horoscope books and inane astrology columns that appear in daily newspapers around the worldRevealing the truth whether you like it or not about your star sign Bad Birthdays uncovers. The idea of a basic astrology book that points out the bad points of each sign is nothing new and it s a concept I really like for the simple fact that if people are laughing they may learn a thing or two about themselves without realizing it While astrology is becoming and mainstream there are still those who think of astrologers like seeing Aughra in The Dark Crystal Old people sitting around staring at astrolabes talking about the angle of eternityThere are at least two series in this vein that I m aware of and all have a place on my astrology bookshelf Hazel Dixon Cooper s Born on a Rotten Day from 2003 with its corollaries Love on a Rotten Day for relationship astrology and Friends on a Rotten Day for friendship and Stella Hyde s Darkside Zodiac from 2004 with its companions Darkside Zodiac at Work and Darkside Zodiac in Love Sarah Christensen Fu s Bad Birthdays The Truth Behind Your Crappy Sun Sign is an excellent addition to it What makes Bad Birthdays different from those two is that the snark level seems much higher to me than that of the other two with Darkside Zodiac coming in second and Born on a Rotten Day coming in third I m a huge fan of that style so I really liked enjoyed the even tell it like it is flavor of this work Sarah Christensen Fu also included something that the other two didn t A day by day look at the year and a general overview of each from an astrological perspective which parodies The Secret Language of Birthdays and others in that style I take those books with a grain of salt since each particular date is different astrologically from year to year But honestly I took off my professional astrologer hat when I read it and had a really good laugh Even if the particular date isn t your birthday as you read through it you ll find entries like Close your eyes and think back to your childhood DATE er Was it all picket fences and pies on windowsills Trips to the mall with your family with a stop at TGI Friday s on the way home You have the strangest rose colored glasses of all time because your childhood actually sucked like everyone else s but for some reason you remember it to be the absolutely epitome of wholeness This is cute for you but actually slightly destructive for any offspring you might have who will be forced to try to recreate these faux memories Luckily you re financially stable and can save up for lots of therapeutic help Also I really liked the alliterative titles given to each sign I think my two favorites were the Mercury ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo Degenerate Gemini and Vexed Virgo Mine is Surly Scorpio and it s one of the better ones I suspect the author a Virgo herself was truly inspired with them I just love them for two reasons One because they make each sign truly memorable and two because they are extremely truthful The memorable part is important Each astrological sign has multiple two word mottos Aries for example is I am Most people can t even remember one for their own sign but this way it s easy and funny They also have specific sun sign compatibility for each sign combination as well as a section on Jobs a SIGN might not screw up which I found totally amusing This book is much simpler than the others not really attempting to explain anything astrological If a Scorpio were reading this for example they wouldn t know who the sign s rulers are Mars and Pluto depending on your perspective Anything that looks like standard astrology book fare is pretty much left out If you consider the target audience of this book that s a good thing Likely if you re picking up this one you re pretty new with all things astrological The bottom line If you re looking for astrological humor this one definitely has it in spades but don t look for explanations Just sit back and laugh you may actually learn a thing or two

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Free read ↠ Bad Birthdays Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Where the cracks are going to showWith special sections detailing the unlucky personalities with whom you share your birthday as well as unfortunate events that might have happened on your birthday Bad Birthdays contains all you ll never need to know about your signSo whether you re a Cursed Capricorn a Tragic Taurus or a Lousy Libra we re all doomed to a destiny that is far less peachy than everyday astrologers would have us believ. This was a fun read Kind of in your face to see your drawbacks but for the purpose in seeing the potentials if you are aware of them and do something about them Very eye openingand kind of funny