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READ Ò Black Blue #3 Of another Rashad Black comes along at the perfect time seemingly bringing a little light and hope in Ayesha's life Although she's a little leery about getting involved with another man after everything Jai has put her through Rashad still wins her over After learning of the abuse that Ayesha has suffered Rashad wants nothing than to protect her When Jai and Black meet for the first time it is bound to be some smoke in the city Find out who will end up with the beautiful Ayesha as the three become twisted in this triangular roller coaster ride filled with love hate and some serious dra Great series This series was than your regular series You actually got to see how someone life can turn because of domestic violence I loved how the ending put all the pieces together with Jai mother but does not make an excuse for his actions Some parts I wanted to be there for Ayesha and some I wanted to yell at her Finally the ending we wanted to see with Ayesha and Rashad Jail got EVERYTHING he deserved at the end He got a taste of his own medicine Overall this series was emotional entertaining and so realistic

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READ Ò Black Blue #3 Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you wholeheartedly loved only for them to use and abuse you Domestic violence is a growing epidemic in the United States Thousands of people get killed every year at the hands of someone they love If you are in a situation where you're being physically mentally or emotionally abused please get help before it's too late The Domestic Violence Hotline is open 247 1 800 799 7233 and will take all calls Meet Ayesha a young attractive girl who thinks she has met the man of her dreams in Jai Jai woos Ayesha until she finally gives her all to hi I thought this series delivered a good message throughout Black s compassion and understanding made him the perfect person to deal with Ayesha Storyline remained solid easy to follow Very good read I highly recommend


READ Ò Black Blue #3 M It doesn't take long for Ayesha to realize her prince charming is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing Unfortunately by the time she realizes that it's too late She's already pregnant Before she knows it they're having their second child and things really go from bad to worse Feeling fed up with Jai's indiscretions and abusive behavior Ayesha decides to leave himHowever leaving Jai won't be as easy as she hopes Jai turns into the devil himself putting his hands on Ayesha like it's second nature to him The beatings become too much for Ayesha to handle which in turn sends her in the arms Pretty good conclusion to the series I didn t like reading the same lines from different characters so often It felt like I was getting recapped every chapter without having a chance to forget what just transpired It seemed like that took up a third of a book I felt myself just skimming past it because I had just read it word for word I kind of wanted to hear a first person perspective from the other story with Duncan Drusilla and Jenna as well but there were just minor updates told by Blue for the most part If all the recapping was taken out and replaced with the conclusion to Duncan s story I feel like it would have made for a better book I enjoyed the first two parts in the series so I will continue to read from this author

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  • 20 September 2019
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