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Bring Home the Revolution The Case for a British Republic

Bring Home the Revolution The Case for a British Republic Free download ð 7 On a switchback ride through the USA riding pillion with America's founding fathers Jonathan Freedland searches out the ualities that made America the land at the end of his childhood rainbow the place his grandfather and he conspired to run off to because of its open promise and unbounded potential Noisy crass greedy riddled with crime riven by race obsessed by money America exporter of junk to the UK Or is itFrom Lesbianville in New Hampshire to Tent City in Arizona from the high ki. A good book but a little dated now it was written in 1998 though that s to be expected His predictions for the future were a little off but who could have guessed the current mess occurring was going to happen

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Bring Home the Revolution The Case for a British Republic Free download ð 7 Tsch celebration of Liberace to the Bible Belt austerity of Iowa from the paranoid militia of rural Montana to Florida's Condo Canyon this is a journey to the heart of modern America to Normal Illinois On his travels Freedland reveals how Americans control of their own lives shape their own communities and vibrantly assert their rights And there's even a twist the spirit that inspires the American secret is actually our own a British revolutionary fervour mislaid across the Atlantic T. By all accounts an influential book on both the left and right of British politics since it was first published in 1998 this is a vigorous argument in favour of the creation of a British republic Freedland s central premise is that liberalism is a British invention Hobbes Locke Mill exported by Brits to the US think Norfolk born Thomas Paine where it underpins a constitution modelled in opposition to the British state and that it s now time to re import the best elements of the most successful liberal democracy the world has ever seen the United States and correct the staggering democratic deficit that exists at home The first two thirds of the book is therefore a lively skip around US politics law and culture with the final third of the book consisting of a ten point plan for re modelling British politics Some of this is profoundly important I didn t need this book to make me feel ashamed of and angry about the monarchy or bishops in the House of Lords for example I felt that already but Freedland superbly articulates why both institutions are an utter disgrace running that up against all the other ways in which we are disenfranchised ignored and generally laughed at by the political elite in this country without us ever stopping to think about itWhere Freedland s argument becomes difficult is his call for a move away from a central state and towards the voluntary sector drawing on the American model of localism civic engagement and self improvement a logical extension of his belief in a bottom up political system and the implications that has for among other things the welfare state It s here that you can see how the book has influenced politicians on the left and the right echoing through Blairism to the ghastly spectre of Cameron s Big Society As the book is now 13 years old there are also some jarringly anachronistic elements such as the argument that the American republic is inherently less likely to engage in aggressive nationalistic foreign wars But overall this is a really interesting and provocative book and just the right size to firmly smack round the head of every protozoan flag waving forelock tugging royalist cock munch on 29 April

Free download Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ã Jonathan Freedland

Bring Home the Revolution The Case for a British Republic Free download ð 7 His what has made America the diverse freedom loving self sufficient independent icon to the world the place where socialism never took hold because it is inherent in the founding vision where capitalism at the same time has reached its apogee; where many cultures contribute to the national fabric and yet the sense of belonging to the nation and reverence for its symbols is unmatched across the globe It's time Britain shared the vitality time to reclaim the revolution and bring it hom. This is the perfect manifesto for a Great Britain I could be proud of One where the politicians serve the people rather than the reverse One where success is based on merit not birthright One which is inclusive truly democratic and where citizens rather than subjects are fully engaged in politics Originally written in the late 1990s before the attacks on the World Trade Centre the financial crash the implosion of the Labour Party and before Donald Trump it is nonetheless fascinating I d love to read an updated version I think there was one in 2008 but a lot has happened since thenA number of the changes Freedland recommends the UK take from the US system have now been adopted such as a Freedom of Information Act Bill of Rights in the form of the European Convention and directly elected Mayors and Police Commissioners Not with complete success But that doesn t take away from the potential for a different type of politics and culture The book is perhaps guilty of wearing rose tinted glasses when looking at US politics and society Freedland does address the downsides of his arguments but it s certainly not a balanced book The penultimate chapter however with his Ten Steps to a Revolution is very powerful and still stands up as a manifesto for change that many in this country yearn for Well written easy to read and strongly argued this is a book worth giving some time to Out of date but still strongly relevant

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