Ebook [Ganjil Genap Almira Bastari] social issues

  • Paperback
  • 344
  • Ganjil Genap
  • Almira Bastari
  • Indonesian
  • 21 July 2018
  • null
Ganjil Genap

Read Ñ Ganjil Genap Susun Darat udara bahkan laut disisir demi menemukan pria idamanAkankah Gala berhasil menemukan pasangan untuk menggenapi hari hari ganjilny. Not my final rating review to come

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Read Ñ Ganjil Genap Ah Gala bertekad pantang lajang menjelang umur kepala tiga Bersama ketiga sahabatnya Nandi Sydney dan Detira strategi pencarian jodoh pun di. This book just hit me too close to home Just got out from long time relationship then my ex bf now already close to his colleague at the office Almost similar huh Thats why i ordered the PO because man if Gala the woman that just enter back the single life after 13 years and want to get married can finally find her significant other then i am too My mind is too fxcked up because who in the right mind thinking like this I love the premises i wish i could have Mas Aiman in my life But what i love the most is when Gala seems to realised that she needs to make a peace to herself first that everything happens is not because she is at fault or too perfect I love how the story ends spoilers here she ending up with no one but a content feeling with herself And prob a 2nd chance to reconnecting with someone she cares about definitely think that after all the distance Gala and Mas Aiman have figures out whether t

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Read Ñ Ganjil Genap Gimana rasanya diputusin setelah berpacaran selama tiga belas tahunHidup Gala yang mendadak jomblo semakin runyam ketika adiknya kebelet nik. I always adore two books that Almira already created but not for the 3rd one which is this oneI dont know I feel like something is still lacking It feels like this book was made in a hurry in a rush totally different with how well written Resign isToo many conversations less narration less bridging too many male casts which made the female main cast sometimes looks too cheapSorry this is my humble and honest opinion All of us have the rights to say what s on our mind even if it s an unpopular opinionI really hope Almira s next project will be better because she really has a great skill