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  • The Scorch Trials
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  • 06 June 2019
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The Scorch Trials Download Á 108 Fora ao invés da liberdade confrontam se com mais uma prova Agora têm de atravessar a Terra ueimada uma região desértica e ameaçadora onde os Crankos pessoas cobertas de feridas e infetadas por uma misteriosa doença chamada Fulgor vagueiam pelas cidades devastadas à. 3 starsI seriously don t know how to feel about this It s a total messI loved the first book but I am not sure I like this one that muchI don t enjoy the writing style at all I didn t mind it in the first book but in the second it just became unbearableI loved the characters in the first one now I don t even care for them at allNot sure if I will read the last one

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The Scorch Trials Download Á 108 Atravessar o Labirinto devia ter sido o fim Acabar se iam os enigmas as variáveis e a fuga desesperada Thomas tinha a certeza de ue se conseguissem fugir ele e os Clareirenses teriam as suas vidas de volta Mas ninguém sabia realmente a ue tipo de vida iriam regressar Lá. During this entire book I counted how many times Thomas ended up passing out or sleeping either at the end of a chapter or paragraph and did you want to know what the finally count was 29 29 times this guy blacked out Out of 360 pages Thomas left you with the cliff hanger of and finally he slept 29 times Sounds fun doesn t itIf this didn t annoy you at all reread this book NOT RECOMMENDED and realize that this dude spent most of his life passed out Then try to tell me you didn t notice itAlthough this book was fast passed a lot of it was filler and this book could really just have been shrunken into about 100 pages at the maxI gave this book 2 stars only because James Dashner was able to create such real characters by giving them actual human ualities This is mostly referring to Newt and Minho since they seemed the most real and fleshed out This compared to other characters like Thomas who had about as much personality and emotion as a burnt

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The Scorch Trials Download Á 108 Procura da próxima vítima À medida ue Thomas vai recuperando algumas memórias confusas do passado não pode deixar de se perguntar Maze Runner Provas de Fogo é o segundo volume da trilogia já considerada um clássico moderno para os fãs de obras como Os Jogos da Fome. I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOWI hate it when people do that Don t you just want to tell them okay calm down It s not like writing in caps is going to get your point across any further But I just had to because my brain is bursting at the seams after reading The Scorch TrialsI love Thomas name I know my enthusiasm is uite unnecessary but I ve never seen the name Thomas used for the protagonist of a book And a great one too Now there are other references besides that darn Thomas the Train and Thomas Edison boringAnyway this book was titillating Sometimes I felt like Dashner was purposefully being a big tease by pulling the wool over Thomas eyes one too many times but I still loved it There was something in the book about killing someone to get food I don t think I would kill for the next book in the series because then I d be sent to the crazy place but I still want it really really bad REALLY REALLY BAD Now I m doing it againNow I can do my homew