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review µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ Debbie Macomber Debbie Macomber Õ 9 Download Window on the Bay Read & Download » 109 Breaks her hip Dr Rowan Lancaster saves the day Despite his silent stoic exterior Rowan is immediately smitten with Jenna And even though Jenna is hesitant about becoming involved with another surgeon she has to admit that she's than a little intrigued But when Jenna's children approach her with shocking news she realizes that she needs to have faith in love and embrace the unexpected before the life she has always dreamed of passes her by. Maureen and Jenna single moms and best friends since college wanted to go to Paris together but life got in the way Both empty nesters they consider the possibility of the long delayed trip again but now there are new romances and challenges with adult children Will they ever take this dream trip Can Maureen and Logan get past their differences and embrace their similarities Can Jenna trust Rowan If you are looking for a relaxing read with Debbie s trademark relatable characters gentle humor and a happily ever ending you ll enjoy reading Window on the Bay

review µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ Debbie MacomberWindow on the Bay

review µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ Debbie Macomber Debbie Macomber Õ 9 Download Window on the Bay Read & Download » 109 When a single mom becomes an empty nester she spreads her wings to rediscover herself and her passions in this heartwarming novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber Jenna Boltz's life is at a crossroads After a messy divorce from her surgeon husband nearly twenty years ago she raised her two children on her own juggling motherhood with her beloved job as a Seattle intensive care nurse Now that Paul and Allie have gon. Good but some lovehate parts I really enjoy reading stories about women heading towards their midlife years Kids are in college or married and giving you grandchildren It kind of hits exactly my own life styleThis story celebrates the friendship between the two main characters in several ways It s so nice to have a lifelong friend The support is great especially when you are going through difficult times Macomber hits it just right with the close connection and supportBut there was a few ualities that Macomber decided to build into these women that I didn t care for Several times they were rude and immature in their ability to speak to men who are interested in themI don t think those are ualities any of us should be proud of Maybe she chose to put it in to make sure that we don t act like that Who knows I just thought it was odd and it made me cringeThis author has a fresh writing style and a wonderful ability to craft characters and situations that are right out of real life It is always a pleasure to read one of her stories You always feel great after you are doneWritten with humor insight and a knack for telling it like it is Window on the Bay does give us the happily ever after that we love but we have to go through a lot to get there Enjoyable feel good storycopy received for review considerationFull Review

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review µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ Debbie Macomber Debbie Macomber Õ 9 Download Window on the Bay Read & Download » 109 E to college and moved out Jenna can't help but wonder what her future holdsHer best friend Maureen is excited for Jenna's newfound independence Now is the perfect time to finally book the trip to Paris they've been dreaming of since their college days But when it comes to life's other great adventure dating Jenna still isn't sure she's ready to let love in until an unexpected encounter begins to change her mindWhen Jenna's elderly mother. Frustration That s what I m feeling after finishing this book I m a fan of Debbie Macomber s writing but this time I m wondering what happened to the writerI started the book super excited to meet Jenna s story and find out a bit about Maureen as well I liked the friendship of them two For the first time I was not anxious about a romance but about waiting their travel to ParisGradually I was connecting to them and their pains insecurities and searches The way each one reacted to a new possibility of love The way each one had to face the new stage of lifeI fell in love with Rowan he is a very well built character and perfectly inserted into the story however Logan in no time made me cheer for him Prejudiced selfish he did nothing to really demonstrate that he was willing to step out of his comfort zone to conuer the woman he supposedly loved He spoiled the book and along with it Jenna and her petty and stubborn attitude at the crucial moment of the story spoiling everything with another character Anyway I was devastated by the ending chosen I waited too long for the friends to go to Paris even if they were with their respective loves and I did not like Logan s behavior at all he is the one who needed to change and not Maureen at the very most he need to apologize for being a fool when it was expected of him a firmer attitude with his friends

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