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  • 26 December 2019
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Float author ToastedBagels

Float author ToastedBagels characters µ 107 Er hopes for the perfect summer seem crushed Then she meets Blake Hamilton Rachel’s seventeen year old neighbor He’s athletic outgoing arrogant tan and pretty much Waverly’s exact opposite She's eager to avoid him at all costs hoping to fi I love this book so much

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Float author ToastedBagels characters µ 107 T in with the other kids in Holden without drawing too much attention to herself But when Blake discovers that Waverly has been hiding the rather embarrassing secret that she can’t swim he does the unthinkable he offers to teach herFrom Wattpa I ve read this book at least 7 times over no exaggeration So witty and humorous and the author created such uniue moments I literally wish it was me every time Characters are so well rounded and something about them is so new even though the overall idea is somewhat cliche The author has taken literally 4 years to write three chapters and it s still not finished I will say that the tone and humor has changed a bit in the last few chapters which is to be expected because the author has matured but that being said I wish she wouldn t have waited so long to finish it Oh well I love it a lot and highly recommend this read

Summary Float author ToastedBagels

Float author ToastedBagels characters µ 107 Seventeen year old Waverly Lyons is from Vermont; she doesn’t do sun But after her divorced parents can’t agree on who gets to have her for the summer Waverly gets shipped off to Holden Florida to spend a couple months with her aunt Rachel H THIS WAS SO CUTE I FINISHED IT ALL IN ONE DAY AND AM CURRENTLY DYING