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  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze
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  • 11 March 2019
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review Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze summary ✓ 0 E unleashed inside her She just needs a little instructionDillon's never been able to refuse his best pal Meg anythingeven sex lessons Little does he guess that one life changing night in her bed will leave him dying to live aga 3 35 starsThis was an enjoyable story I liked Meg and Dillon and their story was good This was the first story I ve read by this author and it was enjoyable enough that I might try of her work in the futureMeg is the owner of a clothing bouuet in the small town of Skull Creek Meg lost her mother at a very young age and was raised by her father who was the coach at the local high school She grew up a tomboy and was better at sports than most Her father died when she was still a teen and it affected her deeply causing her to completely change herself and become ladylike Unfortunately she was never able to shed her tomboy reputation and has a hard time finding datesDillon is a vampire that used to be a computer geek He grew up with very protective parents and felt smothered his whole life He opened a computer shop in his home town but had problems getting any women to take him seriously Dillon got turned into a vampire to save his life when he was critically injured while helping someone With his new vampirism Dillon found that women threw themselves at him and he decided to take advantageDillon and Meg were best friends as children and in their teens they found solace in each other and their shared exclusion from the dating scene in their town Dillon was seen as too much of a geek for girls to like him and Meg was seen as a tomboy and all the guys thought of her as one of the guys and not as an attractive female They actually tried experimenting with some kissing between them but neither was very good and they ended it in disappointment deciding just to be friends from then on Dillon and Meg stayed friends and still saw each other regularly until a couple months before the start of the book which was around the time that Dillon got changed into a vampire Meg is trying desperately to change her image in Skull Creek and get named in the semiannual list of the sexiest women in town She recently heard rumors that Dillon had been seen dating some of the most eligible women in town and she can t figure out how he was able to change his reputation Meg hasn t seen Dillon in a couple months and really wants to find him so she can see how he accomplished his transformation When she does find Dillon they make a deal where Dillon helps her be sexy and she helps him with some fashion advice Dillon has always had a bit of a thing for Meg and with his change he feels the confidence to go after Meg Meg is reluctant not willing to admit any feelings for Dillon because she s sure she d lose him in the end Regardless of her fears and other issues Dillon and Meg do work through things and end the story starting towards a HEA togetherThis was an enjoyable story I liked Meg and Dillonneither character really grabbed me but they were likable enough Overall the story was goodI may go back to try book 1 at some point note I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator did a pretty good job

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze

review Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze summary ✓ 0 Dillon Cash used to be the biggest geek in Skull Creek Texas until a vampire encounter changed him into a lean mean sex machine Now every woman in town wants a piece of the hunky cowboy Meg Sweeney can't get over her old friend I enjoyed this light hearted yet still hot read by Kimberly Raye Once tomboy Meg has had it with her Man Handler Meg reputation She wants to be feminine hot and sexy And by gosh she s already read everything copy and on line she can get her hands on but unfortunately nobody in town can forget the tomboy WHOA What s up with her geek buddy Dillon They ve always been the odd ones out but all of a sudden he s uite the hottie with a different woman every night No fair She ll just have to ensure he s willing to share his secret with herDillon knows there s no big secret he s a vampire now and no woman can resist the allureexcept Meg Hey what s up with that And why is that bugging him so much

review Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze

review Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze summary ✓ 0 Dillon's transformation Not only does she want him but she's also dying to figure out how he did it Because Meg is a former geek herself If Dillon can suddenly morph into a stud who's to say there isn't a sex kitten waiting to b I m fairly embarrassed to admit that I read this but it came through the sort room for the library book sale and I picked it up because the premise of cowboy vampires sounded too hokey to resist The writing was surprisingly solid but the emphasis on sex was a bit much and the characterization was lacking It was better than I expected from a romance serial though