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SUMMARY Gravity's Rainbow

SUMMARY Gravity's Rainbow READ Gravity's Rainbow 107 REVIEW ¹ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Thomas Pynchon Winner of the 1973 National Book Award Gravity's Rainbow is a postmodern epic a work as exhaustively signifi. Advice for a first time reader of Gravity s Rainbow Gravity s Rainbow is a book you either love or hate and if you hate it it s probably because you couldn t finish the damn thing Though by no means impenetrable the novel is daunting enough to merit a list of tips for those wishing to tackle it for the first time Below is my advice on how new readers can get over the hump Trust me it s a small hump and the masterpiece that lies on the other side is worth the effort1 Read V first Pynchon s V is shorter and accessible than Gravity s Rainbow but addresses the same themes in a similar style If you enjoyed V you will have built up a reserve of goodwill for Pynchon that will carry you through the initial rough patches of Gravity s Rainbow This advice was given to me years ago and I m glad I took it2 Accept that you won t understand everythingDon t be concerned if you can t follow the many digressions or keep track of every minor character that pops up As with other famously difficult novels Gravity s Rainbow s real payoff comes in the rereading so you shouldn t feel obliged to linger over each passage until it makes sense Pynchon isn t trying to lord it over you by writing a book this dense it s just his way of giving you your money s worth Just follow what you can the first time through which fortunately is a lot3 Accentuate the accessible Gravity s Rainbow s unreadability is over hyped Yes there are many jarring digressions but threading through them is a fairly conventional detective story Sure there are lyrical passages that take off for the stratosphere but they are grace notes in a melody of otherwise breezy narrative prose So on your first time through it s enough to follow the main plot will Slothrop find the mysterious Rocket 00000 and enjoy Pynchon s jokes which are laugh out loud funny4 Don t give up too earlyI don t want to say that Gravity s Rainbow gets off to a slow start but it has a lot of scene setting to do and the engine that really drives the book along only gets revved up in part 2 Part 1 is a well executed minor key portrait of wartime London but part 2 is where the drugs kick in so stick with the novel at least that far

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Gravity's Rainbow

SUMMARY Gravity's Rainbow READ Gravity's Rainbow 107 REVIEW ¹ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Thomas Pynchon Cant to the second half of the 20th century as Joyce's Ulysses was to the first Its sprawling encyclopedic n. It took three months but I finally pinned this sucker down to the count of ten Three months is kinda perfect if you think about it though That s my typical honeymoon period in most relationships the enthusiastic I can still than tolerate you part so great timing yeah Sure I cheated on him on about 15 separate occasions in that time frame but hell nobody s perfect The library card in my wallet is like a condom just begging to be usedSo yeah I can now say I ve read this book Oh and you know what else So Fucking What What Pynchon has created here is like a goddamned kaleidoscope every time you look in you re going to see something else It will give it up and give it up and then beg for some All it takes is a minor flip of the wrist and BOOM An all new explosion of madness Oh come on I fucking dare you to read this book and not make a single sexual reference while reviewing it Shiny steel Roaring rocket Skat skat BoomYou finish and you say Okay Now that the hard part s over heh now I can go back and actually read this thing You know after I practice a few times by reading this thing The strange bit of all that is it doesn t feel like a cross to bear I want to read it again You know over about a year sipping it slowly like I dunno something fancy that people drink slowly because it s fancy If Pynchon s not sucking you down a black hole of sonic prose snake charming you all woozy with pages upon pages of seriously some of the most gorgeous sprawling shit you will ever read then he s grabbing your hand and skipping you along the Land of Oz while feeding you poppers and whippits and champagne all while conducting a symphony of melancholy deceptively presented as a cheeky musical in your mind with an ensemble cast who are all candy flipping and drunk More often than not he manages as much all at once while also making you laugh so hard actually out loud that you get funny looks from strangers and maybe even shoot a little snot from one nostril Embarrassing There s no place like Oz there s no place like Oz there s no place like OzTwo things First a warning Don t read this in public You will be reading about shit entering a mouth as you wait in the lobby of an auto shop for your oil to get changed all while America s Funniest Home Videos plays in the background and an angel blonde little girl is staring at you blankly while pulling her lower lip into strange shapes you will be having your blood drawn and turning your ereader away from the nurse s all too nearby eyes because just like when mom and dad came in during the worst scenes of whatever movies you watched as a teen you are of course reading the part where a case of mistaken identity ends in an oopsy doopsy orchiectomy just after the part where that guy was having sex with that prostitute while calling her by racial slurs as she planned her grocery list in her head eyes dead and distant High potentiality for awkward moments with snoopy strangers trust me Second thing About that my roommate has finally beat this old purist into submission with an ereader As my book continued to disintegrate she took advantage of this opportunity to come out victorious in her long standing campaign to convert me to digibooks and downloaded this novel went to the page I was on and sat it in my lap As we were in the middle of a move and my book was in pieces in various boxes in the back of my car for ten days I couldn t exactly say no I suppose it s high time that I admit the damned thing is pretty convenient Dammit Moving on then I read from the reader when out of the house and tore up my hard copy at home I will continue to graffiti the latter during future re readings Here is what is left after a first pass I only hit you because I love you book Point being ignore the haters and stop being such a sissy Dive baby dive The water s good Or do you just hate swimming And Christmas And puppies Original review so the comment thread will continue to make sense My copy is so old and poorly constructed that the glue can t hold the weight and the pages are falling out like baby teeth as I turn them so much so that I keep finding myself holding a sheet of paper in my hand like it s parchment in order to read the left side text of the novel Somehow this strange reading method the literal breaking apart of the story as I move through it seems appropriate Also the spine itself has fault lines indicating a future separation of the physical book into 4 large chunks which is even better really I should probably buy some duct tape though or this could get confusing The cover says this book cost its original owner 4 dollars and ninety five cents Can you even get a kindle short story for that these days

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SUMMARY Gravity's Rainbow READ Gravity's Rainbow 107 REVIEW ¹ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Thomas Pynchon Arrative and penetrating analysis of the impact of technology on society make it an intellectual tour de for. I don t know why exactly you folks out there read or why you feel compelled to then seek out a community in which you might share your thoughts impressions reactions etc about the books you ve read But me myself I read for many reasons among them the opportunity to transcend the narrow window of my own point of view the chance to learn by a leap however minimally over the subjective walls of my own stupid existence also and especially to inhabit for a few moments the warm pulse of aesthetic bliss and recognition that waves over me whenever a certain sentence or passage hits just so at a basic level to increase my appreciation and understanding of Life and those artists and thinkers out there striving to contribute to the meaning of human experience those attempting to bring some beauty or order into the entropic universe and make a little sense out of this mess of a reality we re stuck in for the duration And if they can t find order or beauty at least to make the muck sing out in some delightful way There is also that moment where something unnameable but now somehow named clicks into place while reading and something akin to deja vu blooms inside the This is the proper expression of the thing I ve always had in mind but have never been able to express so rightly The closest thing I get to what is typically described as a feeling of spirituality I who sincerely believe I do not experience spirituality in any degree are these moments when I come upon this expression of something intensely meaningful and resonant with me and my personal experiences outside of myself encountering something that seems of me but not by me these are elusive moments rare but when they occur I feel struck by something close to what Nabokov wrote about his experience of Love When that slow motion silent explosion of love takes place in me unfolding its melting fringes and overwhelming me with the sense of something much vaster much enduring and powerful than the accumulation of matter or energy in any imaginable cosmos then my mind cannot but pinch itself to see if it is really awake I have to make a rapid inventory of the universe just as a man in a dream tries to condone the absurdity of his position by making sure he is dreaming I have to have all space and all time participate in my emotion in my mortal love so that the edge of its mortality is taken off thus helping me to fight the utter degradation ridicule and horror of having developed an infinity of sensation and thought within a finite existence Which is why of course I then tend to seek out a community with which to share my emotion my experience to know that others too might be aware that such experiences are not only possible but are out there for us somewhere waiting to be found hidden among the vast mundane plowing of life and the comforting idea that others have generously spent many of their precious hours alive in creating works of art that contain their own such revelations because they understand the importance of keeping this type of transmission alive through history that this type of uncovering and finding is an essential component of being human CUE SONG Take a look It s in a book A reading rainbow So here I am putting it out there to this broad community of Good Readers wanting to tell you Gravity s Rainbow for me was one such experience one such finding a book I ve been waiting for all my reading life And with it and my readings of Mason Dixon and Against The Day I am certain of my notion that Pynchon is the peak of American postmodernism alongside the works of William Gaddis that these two have set the goal for what the encyclopedic novel might accomplish on this side of the Atlantic in this American English I consider having the opportunity to read both Gravity s Rainbow and Gaddis J R in the same year a great privilegeBut Pynchon s book itself is practically impossible to review impossible to summarize or condense worthless to categorize or constrain by exegesis because of all it contains the enormity of what it holds within its pages the hundreds of characters and mad proliferation of ideas and allusions all those words hundreds of thousands of words that somehow leave so much unsaid but unsaid in perfect ways left to drift into audience dreams because it projects countless tentacles wrapping its world and reaching out into space time some of which return full of Story and the Known to feed the octopus body center of narrative and some which purposefully throw Story and the Known out into the careening forces of the expanding universe to be forever unresolved and scattered to cosmic coldness and star distances because of the density of the fragmentation of the world it has created but which is no fragmented than any human consciousness encountering existence on any given day So allow me only to give you a small cenotaph or a monument an obelisk to the impossible review of Gravity s Rainbow Like a great movie all of its themes are present in each scene and yet the individual occurrences and set pieces here seem infinitely varied and inexhaustible It is the macro microcosm unity of the mandala I believe at a certain level it contains the elemental forces of existence the things that make Time rotate Jackson but that are only allowed to be seen by Pynchon writing around them he knows that naming would fix them and so render them invisible These are parallax visions The explosionimplosion the ascentdescent of a rocket or the archangels or a human destiny the fatal arc of gravity s pull on an accelerating object as if it ever had a choice of the path it would take the dialectic the synthesis of opposites the white and the black the yin the yang and the Tarot tower with a king in mid fall the parabola path of ejaculate soaring from penis head to trembling body or mouth or the journey of the whip to flesh and a memory of feeling anything as clearly as we feel pain or the need to inflict pain the cuticle of the fingernail inscribed by its own half moon the body has its own parabolas Faust retold in tar dark comedy Rossini s Tancredi performed in the deepest depths of an LSD trip an orchestral kazoo piece titled What Is The Nature of Control and the freedom of the individual within the extrinsic objective needs of the Conspiracy the wave that dips below the zero but is not extinguished and re emerges over London mouthing a millionhuman scream the manymirror worlds that were born alongside ours in the forge of the Big Bang but went into dimensional retreat that can now only be accessed by occult practices the scuttling amid the transportation networks of the necropoli where ghosts take luxurious elevators through their ruined places the poles of the Earth and the Heavens aligning right there a Brocken Spectre fingering a destroyed city s maw the procession of the conjured and the vanished and the parallel worlds and possible universes we rub up against each time we peel a banana the voices of the dead in constant song which is the Music of the Spheres listen for them in the silence of the Shadow of the Sun if it ever finds you and all the bending light sent in Morse code to us by Them from the pinpoint stars which Those In The Know know are powerful film projectors enumerating to us the Lies We Must Believe So That We Play Out Our Part In Their Game and all the chemical formulations of all Their hallucinogens and all their lost dogs and all Time unfolding at once Everybody now in an encyclopedia of human culture accommodating all things lowbrow to high a schizophrenic Moby Dick of the nuclear age Our Great Paranoid Epic Slothrop s Progress Through The Military Industrial Raketen Stadt subtitled The Kenosha Kid and The Dear Ol Death Drive where we find Orpheus s lyre unstrung and discarded but still plucked by the dry wind or a lost harmonica found years later in the cold flow of a distant river and the bluegreen water notes it mournfully plays the water through the individual soundholes making of the river a sound rainbow the Rainbow Promise ages old taken back by the one who swore it I tell ya it makes one helluva good movie complete with a Looney Tunes shortA and of course that the act of sex and the act of death are one yes at first this might seem simple but it is really a complicated notion one which might reuire infinite time and depths for us poor humans to come to terms with if we ever do but luckily film reels run in circlesnext up cutting room floor tidbits from the poet laureate of the L neburg Heath and his critically acclaimed Sonics to Orifice relevant previews of poems to come Tree arising O pure ascendanceOrpheus Sings Towering tree within the earEverywhere stillness yet in this abeyanceseeds of change and new beginnings nearHail the force sublimeuniting we who live in signsThe clock s steps only mimethe ticking of a truer timeDevoid of actual perceptionantenna to antenna we positby main force of intuitionwhat emptiness transmitsDo you hear the futureadrone and athrob SirExtolling its powercomes a messengerLook at the machinehow it turns and destroysvengefully twisting us like toysAnd though you fade from earthly sightdeclare to the silent earth I flowTo the rushing water say I am

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