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  • 14 August 2019
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Free read Brain Storms 107 characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jon Palfreman G palsy from the earliest clinical descriptions of tremors gait freezing and micrographia to the cutting edge of neuroscience and charts the victories and setbacks of a massive international effort to best the disease He takes us back to the late 1950s and the discovery of L dopa He delves into a number of other therapeutic approaches to this perplexing condition from partial lobotomies and deep brain stimulation to neural grafting And he shares inspiring stories of brave individuals living with Parkinson's from a former pr I read this book to better understand a condition that affected one of my long time friends and colleagues It is full of information but ultimately it ends with one having the feeling that the race in the book s title would be better replaced by the word marathon Too many uestions still remain to be answered about this and similar type diseases of the brain The book does a good job of describing advances in our understanding of the disease from many perspectives Its strongest feature is that because the author is afflicted with Parkinson s he is able to make personal observations about the topics that he presents He is also good at writing about science in a manner that is accessible to non scientists As a scientist I enjoyed his discussion of the genetic components of the condition as well as the phage protein based discovery as a possible treatment Nevertheless I suspect that many readers will be hoping to find some solid evidence that we are about to find the cure for Parkinson s and will be disappointed that this book does not present that It is however a good reminder that research in science is nearly always better described as a marathon rather than a race

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Free read Brain Storms 107 characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jon Palfreman Ofessional ballet dancer who tricks her body to move freely again to a patient who cannot walk but astounds doctors when he is able to ride a bicycle with no trouble at all With the baby boom generation beginning to retire and the population steadily aging the race is on to discover a means to stop or reverse neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Brain Storms is the long overdue riveting and deeply personal story of that race and a passionate insightful and urgent look into the lives of those affecte I enjoyed this book Palfreman does a good job of making complex information understandable and interesting He also does a good job of combining personal stories with the reams of factual information he gathered I also appreciated his optimistic tone

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Free read Brain Storms 107 characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jon Palfreman A Top 10 Science Book of Fall 2015 Publishers WeeklyA star science journalist with Parkinson's reveals the inner workings of this perplexing disease Seven million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson's and doctors researchers and patients continue to hunt for a cure In Brain Storms the award winning journalist Jon Palfreman tells their story a story that became his own when he was diagnosed with the debilitating illness Palfreman chronicles how scientists have worked to crack the mystery of what was once called the shakin If you know someone with Parkinson s or fear that it may be in your future this book is for you The author has Parkinson s and provides a good synopsis of the history the cause treatment likelihood of a cure his experience as one who has the illness and the future of this devastating progressive disease My father suffers from it and his father had it as well While environmental factors seem to have a greater influence on the odds of getting the disease than inheritance I can t help but be a little nervous My grandfather was a janitor at a steel factory and was always cleaning up toxic messes without the proper protection we have today My dad his son was an assistant chemist at the same place when he was in his 20s Mom said he would always come home with burns in his clothing from the chemicals Her theory has always been that they both got it from that steel factory Later I found a statistic that said the city with the highest incidence of Parkinson s was Pittsburgh aka Steel City So it seems her theory may have some meritIn the end this book did give me hope and confidence that new treatments are being developed to maintain a uality of life for those diagnosed today Regular exercise was stressed as a preventativedelaying factor in the onset of symptoms and ameliorates them once they prevent themselves The Michael J Fox foundation and others are continually researching to better understand the disease and working toward a cure They are confident that this is a disease that can be beat Learning of all these efforts has lessened slightly the anxiety I have regarding my own medical future and given me hope that my father s Parkinson s is not necessarily my fate