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Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy #2 Free download ´ 104 D to find the incredibly dangerous stones Of course we’re not the only ones tracking them down Our journey is perilous but once I set out to retrieve an artifact not even the gods will stop m. Fantastic story Wonderfully humorous scenes Kaitlyn is fabulous Logan Erin and Ethan round out the group well Well almost Wispy is the final team member and he is thoroughly entertaining as well as mischievous Kit and Logan mix well together I love it and look forward to the next storyI was provided this book as an ARC by the author however the review is my honest opinion

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Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy #2 Free download ´ 104 I’m Kaitlyn Felis and I’m bored of what should be my dream job Fein’s had me locked away in the alchemy lab instead of out treasure hunting This may have led to my creating my own adventu. Sadly this book just didn t live up to it s potential Mind you it was in no way bad it just fell short of being exceptional By the halfway point through it felt like the people in the book were just going through the motions of living the plot That said it still was enjoyable to read just not at the level of what I know the author can do The plot was a bit choppy and at times felt formulaic which left me not really caring if they found the tears or not All in all this book had a plot that was promising yet fell just short of completely working I am glad I read it not filled with emotion and deeply connected to the characters

Read & Download Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Holly Evans

Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy #2 Free download ´ 104 Res which might have gotten me into some hot water Thankfully Fein has a new artifact retrieval gig for me The Celestial Tears Erin Logan and Wispy are accompanying me on a trip around the worl. Oh my word I love this book and it s funny characters It starts as the first book left them and so begins a new adventure for these guys this time they are looking for the celestial tears three of them Betrayal abound in this adventure Love meeting the new characters and can t wait for the next book in this series

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  • 08 March 2017
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