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Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1

Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1 Review ↠ 2 Free download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ Alessandra Torre Review Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1 Ness is to never touch your employees I think there is another rule about not falling for your best friend a rule against imagining the curves of her body or the way her bre. Lingerie has never sounded and been sexier than what this incredible story by Alessandra Torre has written Alessandra has surprised my expectations when it comes down to the act of seduction and idea of pleasure having its own time She has this magnificent way to show her readers a new idea that at first does not sound appealing but leads to a better understand to a new life style This story starts off with Kate being interviewed for a new job position for Trey s company that designs and produces lingerie of all types It s an odd job but that being said it makes it rather uniue because you do not read a lot about a man owning a lingerie company and making his fortunes from it Unless of course you are the owner of Victoria s Secrets The story starts to slowly become confusing at first due to my uestioning as to how the two main characters will move past the obstacles that are present in their lives Though they start off as co workers they slowly throughout time learnt o become best friends Going over each other s place without invites knowing what each other likes stuff that only best friends and in some scenarios couples would do Even though one of their biggest obstacles in the beginning of the story has something to do with Kate and her former FIANCE they both somehow learn that their attraction for each other is not just only in the physical sense but also in the emotional environment Alessandra continues the story by providing an emotional attachment from the character to the reader Throughout the story when you have Kate and trey fighting their chemistry and avoiding it instead of confronting it the vibes of sympathy is there Whenever Kate speaks about Craig her former fiance there is a sense of loneliness that drags the reader to a comfort towards Kate s feelings Slowly things being to deteriorate in the friendship status between Kate and Trey They both begin to learn that its better to be together and move along from their pasts and continue a future together even with the surprising turn of events coming from Trey and his fetishes The tension though inhales IT IS BEYOND THICK Honestly the last time I read a story where the tension rises all the way to the highest level of the empire state building was YEARS ago It is so refreshing knowing that even though through books there is a presence of knowing what you want and knowing how to control your feelings for it Even if its during times of agony because this book is the finest definition of absolute agony filed with an abundance of tension surrounding the main characters It was beyond incredible to read and enjoy the slow process of accepting the way Trey was and how he came to be once he established himself with the woman of his dreams Hero rating 40 Heroine rating 40 Sexual tension rating 40 Sex scenes rating 45 Sex scenes freuency 30 Plot rating 45 Dialogue rating 50 Storytelling rating 50 Story ending rating 45 ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1 Review ↠ 2 Free download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ Alessandra Torre Review Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1 I hired her to fix my company to bring Marks Lingerie back to life I didn’t expect her to become my friend I didn’t expect to fall in love with herThe first rule of busi. Alessandra Torre I BOW DOWN TO YOU I cannot even begin to tell you how FUCKING AMAZING Love In Lingerie is I mean I ll try but hot damn NOTHING I repeat NOTHING I say will do this book justice I m that lost for words I don t know what to discuss first I sit here now my heart in my throat my blood pumping insanely hard with massive stars in my eyes Alessandra Torre took me to a DIFFERENT WORLD with this book I never imagined that Love In Lingerie would be THIS I mean don t get me wrong I expected heat rawness and intensity but what I didn t expect was the EPIC FEELS that just surged out of me while reading burnt through me while reading tugged at the DEPTHS OF MY SOUL while reading EVERYTHING EVERYTHING was right So utterly perfect So CONSUMING Love in Lingerie is fire and ice a deep delectable push and pull through give and take lust and love dominance and submission and not even in the way you d thinkAlessandra s portrayal of him and her was written so fluidly so flawlessly so exciting As individuals they were classy captivating characters that you cannot help but fall for from her strong sexy persona to his deliciously dirty masculine rawness I fell hard and fastThough together together was when the magic happened Together they oozed connection one that you felt deep in your bones Together they had a chemistry so fierce Together they crackled like a burning flame so hot and so bright Together they BLEW ME AWAYAs a lover of the friends to lovers trope Love In Lingerie was like a drug An inescapable high that I wanted needed craved and drowned in There are NO WORDS to fully describe how perfectly this trope was done Alessandra NAILED it I felt it I lived it I LOVED IT The relationship the dynamic the intensity the worry the heartbreak the good the bad and the ugly all done to perfection I honestly think I could sit here all day and tell you how utterly amazing Love In Lingerie was IS But I also urge you to dive into this book putting everything else aside and just going along for the ride Because you WILL lose yourself you WILL fall in love you will NEVER want it to end you WILL want to devour it and go slow all at the same time But most of all past everything else you WILL feel nothing but PURE BOOKWORM BLISS when you have finished

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Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1 Review ↠ 2 Free download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ Alessandra Torre Review Love in Lingerie Unzipped #1 Athing would change if I pulled down her panties and unzipped my pantsNow I can’t wait any longer I’m tossing out the rulesDamn the companyDamn our friendshipDamn my fea. HOLY SHIT THIS IS MY FIRST 5 STAR READ OF 2017 I am so smitten with this book So taken by these characters So over the moon with this novel that packed such a SOLID OVERWHELMING punch It was EVERYTHING Everything I never expected and I actually went into this thinking it was RomCom LOL WTH shakes my head No idea where I got that idea It s not light but it is definitely not dark either It s a sinfully slow building set your soul on fire frustrate you intoxicate you turn you on make you fall in love romance that s beyond all things Really this was SO MUCH MORE than I anticipated it would be I m sitting here right now like WHOAAAAAAA WHOA This book had feels And you know how I feel about feels I m obsessed with finding reads that make me LOVE the characters hard and explosively I like to hurt and cry and smile and laugh and just feel extra deep And this Love in Lingerie had me CRYING and SMILING and SWOONING and DYING all over the damn place It s got some seriously angsty moments of goodness in the pages A mix of delicious sexiness with fiery heat that comes from the slow building friendship that makes this novel pop in the most perfect way It s agonizing the slow burn and leaves you hanging by a thread I was DYING DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I m freaking serious I was like OMG OMG OMG They re gonna kiss OMG OMG OMG They re gonna touch Alessandra played with me laughs manically until I felt like I was about to catch on fire I was hyper aware of these characters I flipped the pages eagerly devouring the words desperate watching with rapt attention as a relationship between Kate and Trey was built Well written emotional sweet sinful charming not light yet not smother your soul heavy this was an absolutely heart stopping romance that I never wanted to put down It s safe to say that Love in Lingerie cast it s spell on me I FEEL CONSUMED by the sweetness of this novel and these characters And honestly this story is one you won t stop thinking of One that will have you running scenes through your head for days One that will have you swoony and in love It s a bit of a roller coaster There are parts that will make you ache parts that will have you a little ragey but it s so well written so well done and so well paced I m still catching my breath but this is DEFINITELY my very first FIVE STAR read of 2017 HOO FREAKING RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA must read I tell you A Must FREAKING Read Okay YOU MUST READ THIS DO IT PS shouty caps were needed ALLLLLLLL over this review because I m totally having a moment Shit I m suffering from an LiL book buzz BEST THING EVER kisses ARC received in exchange for an honest review FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOG

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