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  • 10 May 2019
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Modern Recording Techniues Summary ✓ 104 Nd occasionally passionate advice on everything from studio acoustics to jitter miking drum sets to producing surround sound The authors take you inside the modern studio from its physical layout to the recording process and participants roles After a surprisingly useful primer on sound and hearing they tur. Great book for novices to recording Gives you some basic techniues for mic placement goes through the nitty gritty technical details about sound Overall though it gives the reader the confidence in the basics to do what really makes recording great having fun with improvising and thinking outside the box Once you know what the box is then you can have fun working outside it

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Modern Recording Techniues Summary ✓ 104 N to euipment mikes digital audio and when to use analog tape instead; MIDI amps consoles speakers and You ll find in depth practical guidance on synchronization noise reduction mastering manufacturing CDs really just about any facet of recording you re interested in Bill Camarda from the July 2005 href Onl. This book is full of a LOT of information Some of it is redundant but I think that s better than being sparse it allows you to have the information at your fingertips when you re looking up a particular thing you wish to understand better Frankly this book is best as a reference unless you re a producer rather than a read through I m a musician and have limited self production skills so a lot of this book is WAY over my head That being said the most valuable chapter for me was probably the last which gives splendid legal and financial advice WOW I m pretty sure I would ve had to hire someone to tell me the stuff I learned about being a self employed musician Some of it I knew from my own research but the rest is really amazing This is a book I will definitely reference as I continue to grow and learn about my craft in the future It includes data about every aspect of recording instrument type My major criticism is that the writing isn t very creative I know I know it s non fiction and educational But I don t think that it needs to be boring and some of its examples are not actually that helpful which was a bit disappointing Basically there are some gaps if you re not trained as a producer already that need to be filled The text is very dense with math but not practical use As a musician and someone who enjoys math I could understand the math fine but I couldn t make the leap to how it impacted music even with the sound samples But I m sure one could make the extra effort to make their own samples and use the things indicated and find out about what s happening with the sound So there s that But I could have done that anyway without the book so that s why it s 4 stars instead of 5 Otherwise very nice to have

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Modern Recording Techniues Summary ✓ 104 The Barnes Noble ReviewWith digital technology virtually anyone can get their hands on professional uality recording tools do their own recordings even build their own studios But to do it well you need familiarity with a wide array of euipment and techniues This book covers them all It delivers practical a. This book is too wince inducing to read mostly due to its unnecessarily dumbed down tone its heavy reliance on meaningless wordy phrases In recent years one of the common complaints that some people have overwhelming number of typos and grammatical errors and constant passive voice the following methods can be tried However it contains a lot of useful information for novices