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  • 09 March 2017
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FREE DOWNLOAD ó LO-MAPS.RU ã Jeff Noon READ Â Needle in the Groove F blood love is a ghost lost in the boom box and the only remix that really matters is the remix of the heartAfter years of playing bass in lousy two bit bands elliot finally gets his big chance he meets a singer a dj and a drummer who seem to have everything pa. Wildly inventive music brought to words words transliterated into musical sound If you can imagine such a thing Verbal dubs reverb and remixes all dance across the pages The plot is a bit weak Noon s usual obsessions with trying to recapture a girl long lost but preserved in an aching heart The history of generational repeated behaviour is just a bit soap operatic for my taste but I just lay back and let the word vive infuse my whole body

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Needle in the Groove

FREE DOWNLOAD ó LO-MAPS.RU ã Jeff Noon READ Â Needle in the Groove In this astonishing novel Jeff Noon allows the complex rhythms of dance music to infect his language creating a new kind of writing liuid dub poetics in the grooves he discovers a world where the scratches of the stylus cut the body a dj's samples are melodies o. Needle In The Groove is the sixth of Jeff Noon s books I ve read and while I admit that I think they re all good books personally I think this is one of his bestStory wise it s a departure from his earlier works seemingly moving away from the literary worlds of the Vurt verse though there are moments within the narrative where I could see the conceptual connections between those earlier works and this one It s a story about a band about the music they make and about how things go wrong when the rock and roll life is lived to excess It s also a story about discovery and loss and the plot had me hooked pretty much from start to finishAs well as following the lives and adventures of the four main protagonists the book also gives a potted history of the Manchester music scene from skiffle through to modern techno and dance and it s obvious from the way in which Noon tells this side of the story that he has a genuine passion for and love of musicHowever it s the way in which this novel is written that impressed me the most Perhaps taking a touch of inspiration from music theory Noon has all but done away with punctuation and capitalisation here breaking down the structure of every paragraph and sentence to short beat driven snippets of text akin to song lyrics that prose Throughout the book certain lines and paragraphs verses are repeated but in altered versions of their earlier selves This is especially noticeable with the various remixes of the band s main hit Scorched Out For Love but it also appears subtly in other places offering up a sense of familiarity of something half remembered almost like a dance tune heavy on samples might subtly remind you of the songs those samples are taken fromI can see where some readers might find Noon s writing experiments in this novel gimmicky or pretentious and make no mistake it does reuire a certain level of pretentiousness to even consider trying something like this The thing is as far as I m concerned he pulls it off so incredibly well and with so much style and panache that I can easily forgive him his pretensionsThis is a book to read if you have a love of music especially the edgier side of music borne out of Manchester in the last half dozen decades It s also a book to read if you want to see just how easily the rules of writing can be stretched and twisted without losing the story


FREE DOWNLOAD ó LO-MAPS.RU ã Jeff Noon READ Â Needle in the Groove Ssion talent hypnotic songs and a whole new way of funky seduction but just as their first dance record is climbing the charts one of the band disappears Elliot's search for the missing musician becomes a wild fiercely emotional trip into the dark soul of rhythm. Jeff Noon uses cut up techniue makes it an interesting read fast paced aggressive captivating at times occasionally a bit frustrating captures voice well good sense of rhythm through language thus reflecting dance music good for fans of Manchester music scene name checks many musical heroes plot is reminiscent of Vurt worth a spin