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The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini

CHARACTERS ☆ The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini S Marchant’s Cause''Tiger In The Snow''Gardens Gods''The Black Cathedral''The Boy in Green Velvet''The Golden Basil. One of the stronger Oliver collections that I ve read Aside from the title story I also greatly enjoyed Tiger in the Snow The Black Cathedral and The Seventeenth Sister

CHARACTERS The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini

CHARACTERS ☆ The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini Ica''Death Mask''A Warning To The Antiuary''The Seventeenth Sister''The Copper Wig''The Dreams Of Cardinal Vittorini'. Elegant and erudite Oliver is one of the most exciting contemporary writers of unsettling supernatural and weird tales He variously brings to mind MR James Russel Kirk and Robert Aickman but always with a contemporary sensibility Highly recommended I will certainly be seeking out of his work This review is of the e book version of this short story collection

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CHARACTERS ☆ The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini Foreword Reggie OliverIntroduction Christopher Barker'Beside The Shrill Sea''Feng Shui''In Arcadia''The Evil Eye''Mis. Since I was impressed with two books published by Tartarus Press both written by Mark Samuels I searched for other things published by them I got this book for my ereader My high opinion of the publisher and their writers standsThe stories in this book some might be novelettes for some are longer than a typical short story are well written According to the author s bio Reggie Oliver is a stage actor and playwright Perhaps it could be said that Reggie Oliver is developing a sub genre of weird fiction for some stories here are supernaturaloccult horror with the theater as the settingOther stories take a different track Feng Shui perhaps the shortest story in this book is partly humorous and justice is done to the main characters in this story It would make a good episode for a revived Twilight Zone TV show Other stories are about the encounter with an evil spirit which I found chilling