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Яма Author Aleksandr Kuprin

Aleksandr Kuprin å 2 Review Яма Author Aleksandr Kuprin Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free With an insight and compassion reminiscent of the great French masters of literature Alexander Kuprin probes the sin ridden lives of the inmates of Yama The result is a daring world famous classic which runs the gamut of human emotions from the heart wrenching sacrifice of an afflicted prostitute to the wanton desires of the most degraded manThis book will shock you into an awareness of a great social evil It will also arouse your deepest sympathy for the plight of those unfortunate women who are the victims of our most ete. A great powerful book about prostitution in the beginning of the 20th century We get to know a variety of girls who are caught in the pit on the bottom of society and the clients that come to them Kuprin does a great job introducing us to who they are and what their life is aboutWe get to look into the society and people of that time which even though happened than 100 is still something that isn t too foreign for usThe author is great with language it almost flows and shows us the mood and the surroundings in a beautiful and depressing way One thing that he did was tell us some major events and only then the story that lead to it It actually worked very well one would think that spoiling a story would not benefit the book but it made us look and notice details that caused it

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Aleksandr Kuprin å 2 Review Яма Author Aleksandr Kuprin Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Rnal viceYama The Hell Hole is uniue Other writers have taken prostitutes for their characters Kuprin has taken the evil of prostitution itself Although he writes of a brothel in a Russian city his moral is not limited to a time and a place Change rubles to dollars move from Yama to the Chicago slums Kuprin's ever honest ever brilliant picture of the ancient business of selling women's bodies for profit still holds its universal meaningWhen the book was first published the Russian censorship mutilated it beyond recognition. I am reading this book in Russian while listening to an excellent audio book I am enjoying the book and I import it chapter by chapter into Ling in order to save the words that I need to learn I enjoy the book immensely but this may in large part be due to the excellent audio book that I haveMy son Eric found a print copy of the book and gave it to me for Christmas I have only had access to an e text version of the book needed for Ling and had not been able to locate a print version Eric found this old book in a book store in Brookline near Boston MA where he lives The book is 50 years old 1958

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Aleksandr Kuprin å 2 Review Яма Author Aleksandr Kuprin Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kuprin was the object of a scurrilous attack in the press; he was called a corrupter of youth His book was denounced as pornography Few could face the bitter truth of what he had written Some touching letters from professional prostitutes were the author's first recognition that he had accurately described the hell in which these tormented women existed Today nearly three million copies have been sold in than fifteen different languages and it is a foregone conclusion that Yama will live forever among the world's great book. Welcome to the Pit Yama Kuprin opens a door to the brothel leads reader by the hand offers to take a seat right in the hall center and tells with his simple fluent prose about the side of humanity which always remains in shadowsMany sidestep this pit and pretend with their eyes closed that this world does not exist at all Some descend there for few hours to feed the beast indifferently forget about it by dawn and return to their righteous days until the next hunger seizure There are also those who make money by actively digging the pit wider and deeperThis is the world where everything is permitted where woman s body can be bought for less money than a bottle of alcohol All heroines are gears in the enormous machine of desire and few take them for a Person Once you get to know each girl closer you obviously see this is not so Liubka Jennka Tamara are bright and lively their characters have different clear outlines each literally breathes on the pages There is a feeling at the end of the book that these women seem to unite into one substantial female image You see yourself in each reflection which means you easily can understand empathize and know that you were simply born and lived all this time under some lucky star The will of chance can befall anyoneStory itself is simple unembellished Denouement is predictable but is the only true possible way Little things make their way under the skin and give a special tone to this work Descriptions situations and dialogs which may seem secondary at first glance are similar in their emotional strength to tragic endingThe Pit is a conversation about important issue This is a look into the keyhole of society s secret room It exists in interior plans but in reality is shielded with chameleon veil since it is comfortable to be silent and easier to not think Century has passed the conversation is somewhat liberated and may be heard by many which is crucial as to really hear with mind and heart means urge to actionMeanwhile I like Kuprin sincerely devote all my words to youths and mothers