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Summary A Scandalous Countess

Summary A Scandalous Countess A Scandalous Countess Download ☆ 104 Jo Beverley ¾ 4 Download Lady May is back And so is the scandal that sent her tumbling from her position as the toast of London when her husb This book wasn t bad but it wasn t outstanding either It s not uite as stand alone as the previous but it s close The only character really in both is Georgia s brother can t wait for his book next and you really don t need to know the details of what he was doing up north off stage so you can easily start here in the series if you like though I uestion why you d want toMost of my engagement with this book was based on Dracy and yes my mind does want to read that as Darcy He s a sensible guy with drive and strength who knows what he wants and goes after it with determination I particularly like that while he observes and notes the reactions he gets from others on seeing his facial scarring it otherwise doesn t enter his consciousness at all Not only is he not all woe is me but it just doesn t even enter his mind as something to worry aboutGeorgia has little going for her on the other hand mainly being as unconscious about his scarring as he is Other than that she s immature and flighty and self involved and a bit conceited There are glimmers of in her involvement with some charity work for example but not enough to offset the selfishness at least for me This is ameliorated somewhat in that the story is largely about her growing up and becoming less self centered That said while I liked where she was by the end I didn t really feel that the destination was very well earned I just didn t get any sense of motivation or direction beyond simply getting through her scandalAs usual I did rather enjoy the ending Beverley really has a way with those emotionally cathartic releases at the end and this is no exception The story plays out beautifully and by the time Georgia had finished all that growing I rather liked her and Dracy together It s not uite enough for me to want to round up to four stars but it was a close run thingA note about Steamy I can t decide if this makes it out of the low end of my steam tolerance or not There s one lengthy explicit not uite sex scene and one pretty short explicit totally all the way sex scene Which leaves this on the edge of my mid range but still on the low side

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A Scandalous Countess

Summary A Scandalous Countess A Scandalous Countess Download ☆ 104 Jo Beverley ¾ 4 Download And the Earl of Maybury was killed in a duel Even a year of mourning hasn't uieted the rumors of her infidelityGeorg Very good book At the beginning I didn t care much for Georgia She was selfish and spoiled and intent only on finding a new husband that would keep her in style I did like Dracy from the beginning He was determined to bring his estate back from ruin and had a plan to make it happen When Georgia s father comes to him and offers his daughter in marriage he is tempted Not just for the money but for Georgia herself Georgia has been tasked by her parents to help Dracy fit in she knows nothing about the offer As she tries to regain her life in the beau monde the old scandal is brought back to life Dracy is there through it all helping to protect her and trying to find out who is causing the trouble As time goes on information comes out and both of them are threatened I really liked the way that Dracy took care of Georgia I was also glad to see her mature as the book went on and see how she came to care for him I loved seeing the way Dracy s mind worked to puzzle out who was causing the trouble

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Summary A Scandalous Countess A Scandalous Countess Download ☆ 104 Jo Beverley ¾ 4 Download Ia Maybury is determined to regain her position in the beau monde but a scarred ex naval officer threatens her plans What I love about Jo Beverley s writing is the way she incorporates historical detail into the story it s so richly drawn and yet she doesn t do info dropping I thought this was a realistic romance Georgia and Dracy really worked as a couple and the way they worked out the obstacles to their HEA was believable I admit to thinking the villain was a bit OTT though And because I m a Malloren fangirl I did like the cameos by the Mallorens especially Rothgar

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