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  • Meltdown
  • Andy McNab
  • English
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9780385608060

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READ ☆ Meltdown A lethal new drug with devastating side effects known as Meltdown is threatening to destabilize society Dudley knows that the security services have to act fast and when his 4 x 4 arrives at their remote hideout in the Canadian lakes eigh. I decided to read this book because I had run out of Cherub and Henderson s boys books to readso I needed a new action packed series A book written in 2005 2007my own choiceA book with a male main characterMy favorite uote from his book was Honor Among Thieves because it meant that he operated by a simple rulewhen he went into business with another criminal he would never do the dirty on his new partner unless they did the dirty on him If they did the revenge would be swift merciless and final That s why it never happened The reason I liked this uote is because it makes Fergus sound like a smart operative who knows his stuffwhilst also being tactical with how he makes people think Something new I learned from this book was that even if MI6 has the location of a known drug lab or weapons dealerthey ll keep an eye on themtry to get someone inside the gang and study what goes on and where stuff goes before they destroy the place A character that I liked was Fergusbecause he showed massive amounts of courage and braveryespecially when going to meet the gang bosses he wasn t afraid to speak his mind He also is a strong operator for MI6 because he s been in the forces for 10 20 years so he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to explosivesor weaponry Cheers Luke

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READ ☆ Meltdown Teen year old Danny and his grandfather ex SAS hero Fergus Watts are once again sucked into a deadly undercover operation and a race against timeTheir search for the mastermind behind a pair of murderous gangland twins takes them from the. Great bookLove all the boy soldier books I m really sad that this was the last one thoughI would advise everyone to read this

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READ ☆ Meltdown Clubs of Manchester to Spain and Germany and Danny needs all his newly learned expertise when he comes up against an old adversary someone he hoped never to encounter again And this time when the battle is joined it is a battle to the en. the final book in the set of four It was a very interesting It catches you off gaurd and has something new around every corner I also find the great descriptions helpful on getting a picture of what the book is talking aboutThis along with all of the other books keep you turning the pages It is full of action so if you like a book that has a lot of action poping out of the pages at you every time you flip the page Then this is the book for you