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Ovid Metamorphosed Download Ô 7 The shape shifting poetry of Ovid's Metamorphoses has fascinated writers and artists from Shakespeare to Ted Hughes Rembrandt to Picasso Its eternal freshness is haunted by an ancient idea that a person's true nature is revealed when their physical shape is changed the wolf like man becomes a wolf the. An interesting read I will add my voice to the other reviewers saying that it is a bit of a mixed bag but there were three real standouts to me which made me really glad to have read this collection

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Ovid Metamorphosed Download Ô 7 Obsessive spinner a spiderFor this dazzling collection Philip Terry asked leading writers to take Ovid as a starting point and set their invention free The results are startling from Apollo and Phaeton transposed to a Dutch classroom to Diana and Actaeon in the rain of Nova Scotia We find fables grot. Heavy going as I didn t find many of the authors wrote in a style that I enjoyed sadly

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Ovid Metamorphosed Download Ô 7 Esues and white coated scientists; sports cars swans and shells; and even Ovid himself high spirited and unrepentant speaking to us from beyond the graveChallenging the very shape of the modern short story Ovid Metamorphosed is a kaleidoscope of delights scary sexy suggestive and profoundly entertaini. I was surprised by some of the names in this collection AS Byatt Margaret Atwood and Joyce Carol Oates to name a few Many authors took a very somber heavy tone in their retellings and others were uite tongue in cheek What stood out to me the most was how much harder it was for me to read all of the rape and violence in Ovid s myths when they were presented in the short story format They weighed heavier on me and I felt intimately connected to the women Many authors added further rape and violence to Ovid s original tales which is understandable given their freuency in myth but again hard to read Three stars because this was a mixed bag I loved some of the retellings and thought they added a lot to my understanding of the original and a felt very MEHHHH about others

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