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  • Paperback
  • 217
  • In A Bind
  • Stephanie Bond
  • English
  • 10 August 2017
  • 9780373794386

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In A Bind Read & Download Í 108 Ge Zoe's every whim They give the mile high club a thrilling new definitionAnd Colin wouldn't mind tying up Zoe for a while But is mind blowing sex enough for Zoe to turn her entire life upside down This is my favorite Stephanie Bond book I recommend it to anyone who might want to read a story with a light bondage theme but shies away from anything too serious It s a fun sexy story that mostly takes place in Australia with a hot Australian guy what could be better than that

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In A Bind Read & Download Í 108 She wrote to herself ten years ago reminds her that her deepest sexual fantasy is bondage And she's never experienced itOn a flight to Australia yummy passenger Colin Cannon is very willing to indul Wheeee Super sexy real fantasy fun scorches across the pages in the second book of Sex for Beginners trilogy At times I literally felt myself blush while reading the heated words Had it not been for my crazy work schedule I never would have put this book down I just love the way Stephanie pulls the reader into thoughts of possibilitiesfantasies that could actually happen A little naughty goes a long way

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In A Bind Read & Download Í 108 An unfulfilled desire A life on the verge of changeAnd an old letter that ignites a delicious chain of eventsZoe Smythe an engaged international flight attendant is suddenly very curious The letter Whew pretty smoking for mainstream In A Bind by Stephanie Bond is about a woman on the verge of marriage who has never explored her bondage fantasies She meets a sexy stranger with a talent for tiesneed I say A uick read and an inexpensive light bondage fixVery hot very sexy I m especially impressed as I normally dislike books where the engaged heroine cheats But Bond did a great job of making seem pretty plausible I can t say without giving away some of the plot so you ll just have to trust me on this one