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When Audrey Met Alice

Read & download Þ When Audrey Met Alice 107 S in this fun smart middle grade deb. Fun but ultimately light weight It delves a little too freuently into standard aftermath a of a tweenager s incredibly bad decisions sneaking in a boy sneaking out risu clothes yelling at parents exacerbated by doing all of it in the White House Audrey is young and clueless to the point of frustration though as a thirteen year old she should probably be excused She is after all lead astray by trying to follow the advice of Alice Roosevelt s diary which seems to have been written by a typical rebellious and boy crazy and flippant teenager who thinks nothing of breaking every possible rule and all available hearts then whining when her parents scold her about it The ending is ultimately a bit too put a bow on it tidy for me but it and the book on the whole is ultimately charming It s hard not to root for Audrey to find her place and be happy I also appreciate that Audrey chooses to take up the platform of marriage euality And there are certainly some fun and funny momentsI would also venture to say I d like it much better were I a little younger and closer to the target audience On the other hand a middle schooler would probably also see through all of Audrey s bad ideas pretty uickly

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Read & download Þ When Audrey Met Alice 107 Tes Alice Roosevelt's infamous antic. I am glad that this was a pick for Dahlia s Book Club because I really enjoyed it and probably wouldn t have read it otherwise This one was pretty cute and fun while also having some serious moments Overall I didn t think this read too young for me It seemed like it was on the upper end of Middle Grade since the main character was in 8th grade and was a teenagerI enjoyed how this really showed that being the president s daughter isn t necessarily an amazing experience It shows how it can be lonely to be living in the White House with parents who are two busy for you It shows how it can be hard to make friends at a new school because you can t tell if they genuinely are interested in being friends with you as a person and not just because you re the First Daughter Of course I haven t had this experience so I don t know what it s really like but it read very genuine to meI liked getting to read the fictional diary of Alice Roosevelt She had uite the adventures in her days I liked seeing how things that Audrey did paralleled the life of Alice and how reading about Alice was really able to help her I liked the sweet romance that developed between Audrey and her friend from school uint Since this is MG the romance was not a big focus and remained a friendship for a while But once it turned into a romance it was uite cute and light If you like MG and younger YA read this book

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Read & download Þ When Audrey Met Alice 107 First daughter Audrey Rhodes re crea. Interesting MG take on history real and imagined WAMA follows the fictional first daughter of the first female president as she copes with being an only child in the fishbowl of the White House She gets herself in trouble when she finds the long lost diary of Alice Roosevelt and tries to emulate her eat the world mentality I thought this book would have been better without the introduction of the politically charged issue of gay marriage It was pretty well handled but it always bothers me a bit to see an author push a political agenda in books aimed at kids that can t even voteProbably best for grades 6 and up

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  • When Audrey Met Alice
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  • 02 February 2019
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