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Final Exit The Practicalities of Self deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying

READ & DOWNLOAD Final Exit The Practicalities of Self deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Deep compassion and sensitivity it spells out why a living will may not be sufficient to have a person's wishes carried out and what document is a better alternative It updates where to get proper drugs and exactly how to carry out the uickest most peaceful way to make a final exit Finally it gently talks to a person considering self deliverance about alternatives planning and the means to make every death a good death at our time of greatest nee It is the height of abhorrence that we treat our dying pets with dignity and compassion than our dying loved ones Final Exit published in 1991 is a dated yet an historic expose of euthanasia alternatives at that time Alternatives often violent gruesome and fraught with error all due to spineless lawmakers and medical providers unwilling to respond with compassion Now twenty five years later we have advanced little An entire industry of prolonging death continues to evolve with society complacently standing by It is shameful that the dying should be treated so inhumanly

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READ & DOWNLOAD Final Exit The Practicalities of Self deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB As the legal controversy continues this newly revised and updated third edition of the landmark bestseller contains new critically important information for patients loved ones and medical personnelThe original publication of Final Exit stunned the nation by offering people with terminal illness a choice on how and when to end their suffering It helped thousands by giving clear instructions to doctors nurses and families on how to handle a patient I was rather torn on my rating of this I saw this book as bluntly a how to book on suicide With my personal attachment to the idea of suicide I found it very bothersome that this book has been published albeit understandably self published There are diagrams step by step guides tips etc on various methods to commit suicide ie his recommended Nitrogen Bag method to use cash when purchasing items so as to not leave a trail that it is absolutely imperative to stay silent if someone has to assist in a suicide to not volunteer any information to any investigator Let them do the investigating that one should use two vehicles in the situation of death by carbon monoxide in case one dies he provides many examples of the best barbiturates to use which medications to not use due to past failures where one can get these in various countries what their names are in foreign countries how to find a doctor that may assist how to ask etc etc etc etc etc You have the picture Yes this is supposed to be a guide as he states several times in italics andor capital letters throughout the text for Only individuals with terminal illness physical death that is explicitly inevitable within in the next several months not to be used for anyone simply wanting to check out of life But really let s be honest suicidal people with psychiatric illnesses can easily use this as a how to manual despite this so called instruction which is clearly there for legal reasons The reason I am conflicted is because I am not unwilling to admit a supporter of assisted suicideeuthanasiaphysician assisted suicideself deliverance but yes only for those with undeniably incurable unbearable pain andor terminal diagnoses With the way the laws are right now aside from Oregon this is in a way necessary for those who want to end their lives but cannot seek assistance from a professional On the same note if it were legalized in this country as it has been in Australia Belgium the Netherlands etc this manual would not be necessary leaving it off the shelves out of the hands of suicidal people with no terminal diagnoses I also believe that if someone really wanted to commit suicide for whatever reason they would be able to find a way via the internet friends research etc to do so Also most suicides due to psychiatric diagnoses involve an ambivalent person looking for a way out but also wanting someone to save them This book therefore simply makes it easier for said individuals to execute their rightfully ambivalent plan This is certainly not a good thing In conclusion I m not sure how I feel about the widespread availability of these tips on committing suicide but I do see both sides of the argument Ideally euthanasia would be legalized this book would not be availableneeded everyone would win That being said it was informative an intriguing read

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READ & DOWNLOAD Final Exit The Practicalities of Self deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB 's reuest for euthanasiaIn the wake of court cases and legislative mandates this revised and updated third edition goes far beyond the original to provide new information about the legality of euthanasia and assisted suicide and a thoughtful examination of the personal issues involved It has become the essential source to help loved ones and supportive doctors remain within existing laws and keep a person's dying intimate private and dignifiedWith Final Exit was written for people that suffer from cancer Lou Gehrig s disease Alzheimer s Parkinson s Huntington s multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy emphysema congestive heart failure stroke AIDS and It says in the book that although suicide is not encouraged the book was written for people who suffer from a fatal or irreversible illness or intractable pain someone who feels that their uality of life is unacceptable to them or someone who may just feel that their future is hopeless Complete with recipes for death this book often reminds the person reading to put a plastic bag over their head after taking however many pills it tells you to take It is also written to always leave this book beside you with a suicide note inside so no one will think of your death as anything other than suicide As far as I can tell there is not a person on earth that should have to live if they dont want to according to this book it seems to cover everyone I do not think that taking a bunch of pills and placing a plastic bag over your head would be a good way to go imagine convulsing around the room throwing up inside the bag on your head for a moment Best to move to a state that allows assisted suicide This is the book for the people that can not get the suicide pill Although this was a very interesting read and was written well the content disturbs me

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