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Fructele maniei vol 1

Fructele maniei vol 1 Read Ü 0 Demnitatea in fata unei crize sociale si economice acute Portret al disputei amare intre cei puternici si cei slabi al unui barbat invers. A masterpiece in all aspects that it is for sure I also liked the accessible style of Steinbeck and that the book is aimed for a good cause to show the injustice some people suffered during The Great Depression You may say that this does not sound so amazing and that there are a lot of other books on the topic But you need to read this one because the way it is written makes it s charmThe only problem that hold me to give it a 5 star is that it has some moments when the author gives the impression that communism might the a solution to failing capitalism Well I lived in communism some time and I can tell Mr Steinbeck that this was not the correct solution Of course that in the 30s he did not know that

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Fructele maniei vol 1 Read Ü 0 In detalii reale si extrem de emotionante John Steinbeck surprinde destinele unor oameni obisnuiti care lupta din rasputeri sa si pastreze. This is perhaps one of the most iconic novels of the New World especially America and The West I will not venture right now into definitive judgements about it as I still have volume 2 to read but as it started out it is very good If it is to try to distill it into a single phrase I consider the saga of the Hamiltons and Trasks families make up a interesting section through the typical settlers from the American West but also attempting to prove some important ethical values the author considered to be important for anyone in lifeO could not help to notice that Steinbeck has the great uality of writing exceptional modern tragedies I suspect this ability comes directly from the Ancient Greece and Roman culture via the English classic writers starting with Shakespeare and following with Dickens Bronte sisters or Thomas Hardy This is doubled by a great attention to human nature and to fundamental uestions of humanityAfter some careful consideration and after reading some of the other reviews I believe the novel looks into human nature from various angles On the surface of the prose is the family relation especially the duality of brothers This is doubled with the Cain and Abel myth It was the first novel that made me realize that we are all having two primordial sins On top of the one that made Adam and Eve leave Eden we are all Cain s sons and daughters and we bare his sin with usSecond major theme of the novel is the choice we all have Choice in how we live in how we want to interact with the others and the world around us and in respect to our inheritance We all have and make choices and these shapes us and impact on how we are perceived by others Although this may seem obvious it is well inter weaved with the story and makes a deeper impact on the reader than if it was plainly told as it id done in most inspirational booksAnother important plan of the novel is the purpose in life Through the vast time period covered in the narration we got to learn how the characters decided and discovered their purpose in life Of course that there are some that do not have one their entire life or for some part of it and we got to know what it is the downside of this choiceAll in all I feel this to be than a normal novel It is mostly a formative book written perhaps to convey some powerful messages John Steinbeck considered important in life I feel he did not overestimated them

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Fructele maniei vol 1 Read Ü 0 Unat impotriva nedreptatii si al unei femei de un stoicism rar intilnit Fructele maniei ramine un punct de reper pentru literatura america. The book presents hard times in the 1930s in which ordinary people stubbornly move forward and survive as a family and community and aspire to an egalitarian social environment

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