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Moses Ascending Free download å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Turvy irreverent seuence of events The account of his attempts to cope with situations. A tragi comic story of one man s physical and figurative ascent in Shepherd s Bush in 70s London There are some well observed and nicely written passages but it s an uncomfortable and rather dated read

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Moses Ascending Free download å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Together with a penchant for early wholesome philosophizing form the basis of this boo. Read for a Black British Literature class and prefer to save my rage for the massive paper to be written on this

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Moses Ascending Free download å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The derelict house in Shepherd's Bush that Moses takes on becomes the scene for a topsy. Moses Ascending is about Caribbean immigrant Moses and his experiences writing his so called memoirs as he enjoys his retirement in Britain as the landlord of delipidated property in Shepherds Bush After years of toiling and living in danky basements Moses is finally about to enjoy the high life as the master in his West London penthouse with his servant Bob and his somewhat problematic tenants Things get complicated when Moses realises he s got a Black PantherPower movement operating in his basement and Pakistanis illegally being smuggled into the country via his house How does Moses handle all of this well uite badly I found Moses pompous pretentious philosophical attitude and wisdom humorous and found myself smiling all the way through The book is written in a slight Caribbean dialect which I found easy to read and added character although I realise some reader found it hard to understand Would I say Moses Ascending is a must read yes and no the book is a snapshot into the what life was like for a West Indian black migrant in the 70s was life however the storyline I felt was somewhat melodramatic and unrealistic at times All in all and nice short fun read 35 stars

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