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Read & Download Mouthing the Words Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook By turns harrowing and hilarious this adroitly narrated winner of the Toronto Book Award re creates the world in the imagination of Thelma It's a world in which she can escape some of her painful childhood realities like those games her father likes to make her play where he's the boss and she the naughty secretary And her mother so fiercely favors her younger brother the cherubic Willy that Thelma finds herself perpetually in emotional exile No wonder Thelma asks. Funny I ve had a couple of books that are taking me ages to read But I found a copy of Camilla Gibb s Mouthing the Words in a crazy op shop on Redfern Street for one dollar was intrigued and finished it in two days Published in 2002 at a time when I was paying attention to new voices in Canadian fiction I remember hearing good things about the book so have been meaning to read it now for over a decade I enjoyed it The best thing about the book is Thelma spiky and funny and traumatised the main character and I did enjoy following her journey from childhood to adulthood I liked the sense of movement growth and possibility while not understating what she d been through and the affects of her childhood sexual abuse It is a relatively slim book and I found the characterizations of the minor characters a bit undeveloped I wanted for them to be a bit rounded or interesting yet perhaps it was a reflection of how the narrator related to the world too at a distance I was worried that some of the tropes of childhood sexual abuse were too familiar anorexia multiple personalities a character who is abrasive as defence I also nearly shouted at the page that with so much evidence of the abuse that no one except the narrator would mouth the words and deal directly with what happened to her It s in the backdrop that the abusive father is sent away is possibly jailed is kept away from the daughter but keeps coming back That other people know what happened but can t seem to say anything or provide support But the character of Thelma kept on becoming original and interesting throughout the book I was engaged with the way she started to form friendships and look into her sexuality and step outwards into the world Meanwhile the terrible effects of the abuse and society and her family s inability to provide support or address the issue seem like they could be terribly true and I have the feeling this book will be staying with me for a while

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Read & Download Mouthing the Words Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Practically every adult she meets to adopt her Along Thelma's bumpy way from a rural English village to Canada to a law degree at Oxford she meets many potential parents and even makes some friends but it is with the companions of her fertile imagination with the scaredy baby Janawee moody and timid Ginniger and big strong stoic Heroin that Thelma finds comfort With them too she loses an already tenuous connection to reality though ultimately Thelma's spirit and hu. It took me a chapter or two to fully entangle myself in this book because of my personal head space than anything else I think but once I was in I was in Simultaneously tender and brutal Mouthing the Words is perhaps one of the most resonant survivor journeys I have ever seen represented in the written formI particularly appreciated the fragmented and darkly chaotic passages describing Thelma s experiences with her father and with her subseuent illness as a young woman The style of writing felt very true in terms of reality how disorganized and painful and surreal trauma is The written word tends to inherently categorize experience because language itself is a construct and this can make it difficult to write about destructive anomalous life events But Camilla Gibb played around this artfully and effectivelyMuch respect for this work of literature Highly recommended though with a definite trigger warning so do a little research before reading if you are concerned about this

review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Camilla Gibb

Read & Download Mouthing the Words Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Mor prove to be as indomitable as her wit Moving and comic at once Hallucinatory hilarious and haunting Boston Globe Prickly unsentimentala portrait of terrible comic humanity New York Times Book Review Mesmerizing Lush visceral prose rings with an authority rarely found in first novels Washington Post Book World A novel of astonishing power An instantaneous classic Balti Sun Elegant sings with an almost Victorian delicacy and sophistication San Francisco Chronicle. I don t find this book hilarious in anyway but oh how fantastic it is dark and absolutely mad but in a way where you can feel it I love it I wanna be an icicle

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